Legin Shouts it Out Up High with ‘Rooftop Prophet EP’

Legin just won’t quit. Whether it’s working with nonprofits, delivering a message from the pulpit, being a great father, or laying down smoke in the vocal booth – he just keeps going.

After delivering a spring and summer of singles including “3pm,” “I Wish I Knew You,” “Stop,” “All
I Can,” and “I’m Home,” he’s ready to give us a little project for the fall with Rooftop Prophet.

The dictionary describes a prophet as “1: someone who declares publicly a message that he or
she believes has come from God or a god. 2: a person who predicts the future.”

Rooftop Prophet is Legin, acting in his God-given calling, standing on a metaphorical rooftop,
declaring a message, and preparing the people for what’s to come. And while he may not be
able to “predict the future,” he can give a clear picture of how things may turn up if you’re
headed down the same worn path.

The project is an abstract hip-hop journey that’s saying you can see a lot more from up high and
are able to offer people real hope. Legin uses passionate lyricism and wordplay and moves
seamlessly from smooth hard hitting production to chaotic and abstract all while addressing the
music industry’s hypocrisy to the people and the messages it pushes, our own hypocrisies, and
also offering the life-saving hope of God in the middle of our chaos with the gospel fighting back
for us.

Listen to Legin Below:

“This is home for the orphan, this is help for the helpless.” – Legin on “Tracklist”

Stream here.

Production credits include the award-winning Cardec Drums, frequent collaborator and mix
engineer Ben Mekkes, as well as Dre Knowss. Rooftop Prophet is refreshing and eye-opening
hip-hop project in the midst of what’s normally offered to us.

Song Descriptions
“All I Can” is Legin’s manifesto about giving his life for his family, others and God told through
heavy lyricism and catchy production. Energetic yet smooth, “All I Can” is a car ride vibe with
moving bass and a motivating message, while exciting hip hop fans with witty flow and sharp

“Still 2020” is a chaotic cry for the culture to recognize all of our issues didn’t begin in 2020.
The abstract and hard-hitting soundtrack which sounds like a movie score is produced by Ben
Mekkes and is the fieriest song on Rooftop Prophet where Legin is encouraging listeners to
see how fragile things are while encouraging listeners to look up and see how stable they can

“We Can Be Friends Then” is a unique track where Legin lays out a personal case of losing
his father while calling out destructive content we allow ourselves to enjoy. Dre Knowss
produced a hard-hitting car ride vibe that swiftly makes you think about what you’re listening to,
where Legin says more important to him than artist popularity is a life-saving message reaching
people, that we can all celebrate together in eternity.

“Tracklist” continues the cry against the music industry’s content telling listeners if you’re tired
of bad results in our lives and communities, you should “check your tracklist.” Another chaotic
and ethnic-sounding production from Ben Mekkes similar to “Still 2020,” Legin’s passion as a
parent for what his children hear spills out over incredible wordplay, intended to encourage
others to think twice before pressing play.

“I’m Home” is an abstract hip-hop artwork with a personal story of finding one’s way home.
Legin teams up with award-winning producer Cardec Drums to motivate listeners to find their
way back to their safe place with multi-layered switch-ups cover trap, gospel, boom bap with
various flows, high lyricism, and honest reflection. Everyone needs to find their way home, and
Legin finds his way with God back at his grandma’s house and takes you there with him.

Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

Justin is the Editor-in-Chief of Rapzilla.com. He has been a journalist for over a decade and has written or edited for Relevant, Christian Post, BREATHEcast, CCM, Broken Records Magazine, & more. He also likes to work with indie artists to develop their brands & marketing strategies. Catch him interviewing artists on Survival of the Artist Podcast.

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