It’s Time?! WHATUPRG Drops Preorder for ‘New Hollywood’ Album with Release Date

How many times have we written this article? Answer = a lot. However, WHATUPRG has definitive evidence that it’s dropping because we have a preorder link! Can’t have a preorder if the album isn’t uploaded. New Hollywood will finally be here on September 30th.

Preorder on Apple Music here.

We already had a small sampling with the “Kids” single and now we’ll get to hear just exactly what RG has been working on for 3 years.

He took to Twitter in the past week to begin to talk a bit about the project.

Also, he along with all the artists related to the album have made their avatar pictures green. So yeah, it’s finally coming!

From the last press release*

RG has been processing his own coming of age through battles with depression through which he has determined to create and become something beautiful. His next album, New Hollywood, captures the true nature of what listeners desire from the musical artform: an experience in which the trained artist channels his or her ability to respond to deep human emotion.

“In NEW HOLLYWOOD the emotions run deep. Each track is a visceral experience. Every chord, every bassline, every lyric, and melody each contribute a delicate stroke of paint to the album’s canvas of human experience. The picture develops into a masterpiece that is just as specific as it is universal. Pain is universal, but we each must know it for ourselves in order to develop the empathy necessary to be ourselves and accept others who feel pain as well. His previous EP’s Pleasant Hill and the self-titled Raul have proven his capability to channel his personal experiences and journey through faith to offer something substantial to the zeitgeist. New Hollywood is a project that proves pressure plus time produces hope.”

WHATUPRG says, “I wanted to create music that could be a friend for people. I wanted to help them know when they hit rock bottom, even then, they’re not alone.”

He continued, “New Hollywood is a place where you don’t have to act and you can just be yourself. Being yourself is enough.”




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