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Christian Rap Artists That We Need An Album From ASAP

Sometimes the time between albums can feel like forever and sometimes it just is. WHATUPRG and T-dot both had their last album in 2019. KB and nobigdyl.’s last one was in 2020 but it seems a lot longer than that. Last week we asked you guys on Social Media, what artist you needed an album from asap. Here are some of the answers we got.

“I basically need a Rise 2.0 from Trip or a new one from Tedashii”

“WHATUPRG was supposed to release his album like 6 years ago 😂

“Just patiently waiting on WHATUPRG”

“Json, KB, Flame in that order 🔥

“Torey D’Shaun 🙏🏽🔥

“NF, Lecrae, Flame, and trip lee”

“Full album from Ambassador, NOT trying to be current”

“Jackie Hill Perry!!! I know we all want it.”

“Beautiful Eulogy 😭😭😭

“WHATUPRG, Aaron Cole, Mc Jin, Da Truth, Json, Wande, and Limoblaze”



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We had some great responses. Who is a Christian rap artist that you need an album from ASAP? Let us know in the comments

Cal Hackett

Written by Cal Hackett

I'm an intern at Rapzilla. I attend Coventry Christian Schools. I live near Philly and follow the rap scene there very closely. Some of my all time favorites are The Ambassador, Japhia Life, Emmanuel (Da Truth), Q-flo, and J. Monty.

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