Zero Releases Debut Album ‘Shamayim’ [Listen here]


Not even a week ago I interviewed Zero and Dae so it’s only fitting that I follow up for the release of Zero’s solo album titled, Shamayim with 9 tracks. Shamayim is the Hebrew word for “heavens or sky” but can also mean “the actual place where God resides with the heavenly creatures.”

This album has a heavy R&B feel fused with worship, pop, spoken word, and hip-hop elements. The album features Dae, Limoblaze, Danny Lee of Crack Shot, Craxilver, and Smashed Saint who has performed at PC4M.


I also came across Zero’s testimony on YouTube, roughly the first 16 minutes of the link. I personally love to hear what brought people to proclaim God’s goodness.

What do you think of his new album? Let us know!


Written by Brandon Roots

Brandon Roots is a husband, father of three, Hebrew teacher and someone who enjoys singing and learning songs in any language that praise the Lord from Sacramento, California.

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