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Who are Some of the Nicest Christian Rap Artists?

A couple of days ago we asked out on our Social Media, Who was the nicest artist you’ve ever met/spoken to in Christian Rap? We had some great responses. Here are the five artists we found the most and some crazy artist stories.

Social Club Misfits



Beautiful Eulogy

Mitch Darrell

Some comments from Facebook:

Rhianna L. Sanford: Going to say Lecrae waaaaaay back when he was still doing tiny shows for rural country kids! 😂 Met him after a concert he did outside of Wichita, KS and he actually hung out with the kids in the youth group I was leading at the time. He played ball with them and signed their shoes, t-shirts, etc. That had to have been something like 2006 or so. I don’t know what he’s like now but I know back then, he made a bunch of kids’ night at that concert after party! ☺️

timothygabriel: Lecrae was pretty cool and humble when I met him. We met at one of the Youth Detention Centers and he seemed humbled and nervous which is good. Means he didn’t go in thinking he was some big shot. He even took one of my CDs called Christ or Die Unashamed.
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Have you ever had a great encounter with a Christian Rap artist? Let us know in the comments 

Cal Hackett

Written by Cal Hackett

I'm an intern at Rapzilla. I attend Coventry Christian Schools. I live near Philly and follow the rap scene there very closely. Some of my all time favorites are The Ambassador, Japhia Life, Emmanuel (Da Truth), Q-flo, and J. Monty.

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