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St Louis Label Vivid Core Music Could be the Next Big Thing

When people think of Christian Rap Labels or Studios they think of Reach Records, God Over Money, Humble Beast or they even go back to Cross Movement Records. Vivid Core Music from St. Louis isn’t always first in mind even though their music is just as high quality and catchy. It was founded by artist Tarcea Renee and they’ve worked with Gully Mark, Reuben Jones, MikeReal, and Flame. Here is a clip of Flame in the studio.


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“The company started in 2015, first away from the home location was 2020, then this year in February we were able to move to our first commercial location. Many artists across the St. Louis area have recorded at our studio, and there’s a few who traveled from other states to record with us as well,” said founder Tarcea Renee.

“Vivid Core Music Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization and record label that exists to encourage unbelievers and empower believers through Christ-centered art and events,” reads their website: “As we strive to carry out our mission to encourage unbelievers and empower believers through Christ-centered art. We aim to disciple, develop, and deploy others to do ministry where life exists.”

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Tarcea Renee

Tarcea Renee

Tarcea Renee’s career in the music business started at age nine when she start writing lyrics and making beats on FL Studio 5. Being raised in STL and the ’90s era of Hip-Hop culture strongly influenced her music for 12 years. In 2010, Renee gave her life to Christ, which altered the course of her music career. Right after she became a Christian she didn’t jump to be a CHH artist. “Before that, I rapped about what I knew about: the streets, money, drugs, and other life experiences, but I didn’t know God. So, I felt a need to pause to get to know Him before attempting to rap about Him.”
Tarcea Renee released her first solo album in 2012, garnering over 10,000 downloads. Since then, she’s built a catalog of many projects (such as Lighthouse and Change Over Currency) and singles and as time passed, she learned to record, mix and master most of her records. She does it for other artists too. Her most recent single “Faith Mode” has been her most successful single so far.
Watch the video here:
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Gully Mark

Gully Mark

Gully Mark is also a recording artist from St. Louis. He debuted as an artist around 2013 and has released several singles since. After many years of developing his craft, his debut project Won’t Fold EP, Part 1, was released in 2021. Singles from his debut EP such as “This Race” featuring Ezra LaRon and “SQUAD” featuring Reuben Jones, as the hits of the album.

Gully Mark brings passion and hope to a dark world that can only come from Christ. He has been featured in “4 Christian Rap Artists You May Not Have Heard Yet (Luc’s Picks August 22).” His most recent single “WDYT” has also been his most successful and I would say it has been one of my favorite songs of the summer so far.

Listen to “WDYT” by Gully Mark here:

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Other Artists To Note:

Those two artists are on the label but these next artists either were on Vivid Core Music’s label or utilized their studio at some point.

Reuben Jones

Reuben Jones

“I grew up in St. Louis, MO. Raised in U-City and then moved to the city of Florissant,” Reuben was able to tell me. “Grew up with a family that Loved Jesus and also loved music. Specifically, My older brother wrote songs and inspired me to do the same. Though I was raised in the church I didn’t live the life I was supposed to but God showed me who He was for me and my life was changed forever. The change God had in my life is reflected in the music I make. Through music, the aim is to point people to Jesus and that’s the purpose I will stay faithful to.”

Reuben started his career with a single titled “Mission” which led to his first project, Renegade. Some of the other successful singles from that ep are “Set Me Free” and “War.” He said later that his only goal of that project was to be hype and not really to tell a story or make the songs flow together. Since then he has been featured by other St. Louis artists such as Tarcea Renee, Gully Mark, C-Micah, and Rob Redeemed.

To begin 2021 he released a single “No Games” which was on his debut album Endurance which came out mid-2021. Included in that LP were the songs “For The King,” “Good Morning” (featuring his wife, Noelle Jones), “Grind Mode,” and “Real Ones”.

Towards the end of last year, he became an independent artist but still works closely with Vivid Core Music.

Watch “No Games” here:

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FLAME was born and raised in the inner city of St. Louis, MO. He has released 12 albums so far in this career including Captured (2010), The 6th (2012), Royal Flush (2013), Forward (2015), and Stellar Award-winning God Knows (2018) under his imprint. Flame’s latest releases include three EPs: Extra Nos (2020), DayBreak (2020), and Christ For You (2021).
FLAME is a veteran in the world of Christian Rap. He has a growing list of accolades, including a GRAMMY nomination, multiple Billboard chart-toppers, and several Dove and Stellar Award nominations and awards.
Watch “Start Over” by Flame featuring NF:
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Mike Real

Mike REAL is from Ferguson, Missouri. He has been influenced by hip-hop culture and is a lover of rap music. Mike began writing raps in 2006. In 2013, Mike REAL featured on this hit “Sanctuary.” The following year, he was a featured artist on the compilation album titled, Jesus or Nothing. In 2015, Mike REAL released his first album, Mind of Hollis, which included hits “Catch Fire,” and “100 Bandz.” In 2016, he collaborated with Flame on an EP titled, REVIVAL. Since then he has released several singles and his most recent one being “Bussa Crown.”

Mike, Gully Mark, and Reuben Jones appeared at the recent Freedom Fest 22′ Kick-Off Party. Also on the lineup were Tay Collier and Torey D’Shaun.

Watch “Tesla” by Mike REAL featuring Flame:

Connect with Mike Real on Instagram here or anywhere @mikereal314

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