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Ty Brasel Says Kanye’s Sunday Service Changed His Life & Sparked an Album

If there’s one thing that’s been abundantly clear in the music of rapper Ty Brasel, it’s been his willingness to open up about his personal struggles and be vulnerable with his testimony. Not only has it been an outlet or escape, but it’s also been a way to connect and endear himself to his listeners.

However, last year, Young T was at a crossroads mentally, spiritually, and musically. In a lot of ways, he was ready to throw in the towel on everything he’d cultivated the past few years.

“I was going through some really tough challenges in my life at the time and feeling pretty discouraged about music and things personally,” Brasel shared.

The lyrics from Ty’s “High Enough” immediately come to mind of how God was about to step in and reset his focus.

“I can’t stay down,
I was destined to come up
Life been to low
I still ain’t high enough

Satan hissing tongue
Lucy want, I’m a fresh prince
Godfather scarred face
We prevail hells gates”

October 2021, Kanye West was doing a Sunday Service in Calabasas, CA. Ty was already in California working on music. His labelmate, singer the WRLDFMS Tony Williams, also happens to be Kanye’s cousin and sings in the choir. So invited Brasel and his producers to the event and got them on the list.

It was this Sunday Service event where Brasel had a powerful encounter with God that realigned his destiny.

“It was a life-changing experience for me,” he shared. “The choir, the art, the music, it spoke life into my soul. Getting to share this experience with my brothers was the best part. Kanye is my favorite artist of all time, seeing him right there, up close and personal, and seeing all the greatness that was there, the words they were saying, the music, it was very powerful and it was crazy to me.”

He continued, “It helped me to see how far I’ve come and the possibility of what still can happen in my life.”

The artist shared that the level of excellence in which Kanye was operating in, the lighting in the warehouse, and the way everything was organized – were artistic and very open. All of this was happening while everyone was praising God.

“To see someone with that platform and with that much pressure on them, and what they’ve been through, using their platform to worship God – it was powerful,” Brasel revealed. “I was inspired by the possibility of what I can do in praising God.”

Brasel has seen the narratives and the discourse people have about the “validity” of Kanye’s gospel music. The enigmatic artist is one of the most well-known and polarizing people alive today, and for most people, that’s due to his antics and actions outside of music.

People often talk about the “fruit” of one’s life to measure their walk with God, and while Ty can’t speak for how Kanye’s faith in the Lord is, he was able to immediately see the dividends of the Sunday Service worship experience.

Ty Brasel

“You have to look at the impact before you judge something. It’s dangerous to say things aren’t of God or can’t be used by Him,” he stated. “In the New Testament, there was an instance where the Pharisees tried to say God wasn’t working through Jesus and he was getting his power from Demonic spirits [Matthew 12:22-37]. Jesus called blasphemy.”

He continued, “For me when people try to write something off as not of God and let’s say He’s in it, that’s toeing on blasphemy. We have to be careful with that. For someone like me, it was huge. It was incredible for my spirit.”

He said there were breakthroughs, especially being around the presence of people glorifying God.

“When I left it all hit me,” said Brasel. “I’ve come such a long way in my life and I need to be more grateful and realize God has blessed me to be in the position I am. For me, it was the summation of the experience into the possibilities of what God can do through me or anyone. I was at a very rough point in my life. I was very low and discouraged. God used it to reinspire me and reinvigorate me.”

After the Sunday Service event he “got right back to work” in the studio. This dry period of his relationship with God had been quenched and he was in full trust in what God would do next.

His first single, “Set it Off,” from the upcoming album TRANSCENDENT is the catalyst to what he was feeling. He even got to perform it live at the Elevation Conference and shared a little bit about it.


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The first verse of the song talks about arriving at Sunday Service.

“I just pulled up in the brand new Yeezys
I rock the Ye with my Jesus pieces
Sitting in Sunday service, ultra beaming
Lil’ heathen came a long way from dreaming”

The second verse is a relatable charge to what Kanye went through.

“I feel like Ye when the whip crashed
Made it through the wire, now when I look back”

It’s what “Set it Off” for him to move in his purpose and destiny.

Young T revealed that most of the album was made after the Sunday service. There was a project taking shape before it, but they shelved it because they felt the new songs were better.

“When you make better songs it makes you want to not put out the previous songs,” he said. “A lot of them are over a year or two old and I’ll just have to recycle the lyrics or use parts for other things. That’s how I usually work too.”

The album will be dropping on October 7th, a pushback of over a month. Admittingly, he was just unable to deliver songs on time but isn’t sweating the delay. TRANSCENDENT will be a double album and well worth the wait.

Also, it is not part two of Destiny Vol. 1. He wants Destiny to be a series like Lecrae’s Church ClothesDestiny was made in two weeks in between a tough session of recording the new album. He wanted to have a little fun and give fans something to listen to while he perfected TRANSCENDENT.

He promises that Volume 2 will get a little more time and attention.


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Finally, Ty provided a little insight as to why his debut EP 1994 Until is off of streaming services.

He got signed to a management company in 2015 and they uploaded the project in 2016. They discontinued their relationship in 2017 but still had control over the distribution of the project. Earlier this year they decided to take it down without warning. He’s going through the legal process of getting it back up.

“That project is the one that catapulted me and brought me the most opportunity,” he said. “A lot of my fans are connected to it. I was hurt when it got taken down.”

The story for Ty Brasel is not done yet. He said he’d talk again once the album drops to really break down everything happening in the music. So stay tuned for that!

Listen to Ty Brasel Below:

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