Is Reconcile Like a 2022 Prophet Amos with the Release of ‘Light of the Trenches’?

If I could compare Reconcile to an Old Testament prophet it would be Amos. He was a hard-working man who addressed Israel’s two primary sins: (1) an absence of true worship and (2) a lack of justice. Reconcile addresses the oppressed who have ultimately worshiped the wrong things and the lack of justice that leads them to fall into the trenches and feel trapped.

His latest album, Light of the Trenches, is an 18-track album that does a phenomenal job of revealing his zealous heart with a raw, unapologetic sound with solid production. Even the features are strategically placed and contribute to the song without overpowering the narrative.  If you haven’t listened to any of his previous albums – his website highlights the golden thread to his music, a hopeful view of the ongoing inner-city epidemic in America.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H spoke about artists doing their own thing that don’t fit in any box and I feel like Reconcile is one of those artists. In particular, Da’ T.R.U.T.H talked about how people follow Kanye regardless of what he puts out and the fact that Christians and secular fans praise him. If you had your windows down and maxed out the volume on the first track, “Trenches” and rolled up to Sunday service or your kids’ school, people would give you some looks and that’s what I actually love about this album. In contrast, if you did the same through your neighborhood people would most likely ask who are you listening to.

The way people bump Donda, they can bump this album. If you haven’t listened to Reconcile before or even if you have, I ask you to listen to this album when you get some quiet time and experience it for what it is and listen not only to his words but his heart. For the most part, the editing of profanity on the songs sounds a lot more polished than Donda. This allows the rappers to say what they feel without distracting you from profanity although some tracks are marked “Explicit” so you do you if you want to skip those.

I personally enjoyed Reconcile’s vocals not just when he raps but when he sings on numerous tracks and wouldn’t mind if he flexed the golden pipes a bit more and experimented like Bizzle did with Light Bars & Melodies but that’s just a personal opinion.

His hopeful outlook shines through songs like, “Pain Don’t Last Forever” reminding us not to be consumed with our circumstances or become a product of them. On the track “Homicide,” Reconcile brings reality into perspective that those murdered are somebody’s child and that retaliation is not in the answer if you have experienced it. My favorite track by far was “Cried To You” because I connected with the lyrics and you could feel his heart the most speaking of his relationship with God.

Give the latest album a listen and let me know if I persuaded you to become a Reconcile fan.

Listen to Reconcile Below:

Also, if you don’t believe he doesn’t walk the walk, check out his Ted Talk and check out his social work on his website that lists the changes he is an integral part of within the juvenile justice system to help the fragmented community of high-risk youth.


Written by Brandon Roots

Brandon Roots is a husband, father of three, Hebrew teacher and someone who enjoys singing and learning songs in any language that praise the Lord from Sacramento, California.

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