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Japhia Life, The Return of a Christian Rap Legend

When most people think of Christian Rap, they think of Lecrae, Trip Lee, and the start of the 116 movement. But in reality, CHH has been going on for a lot longer. Japhia Life is a legend in the world of Christian Rap. His name might not get tossed around too much in 2022, but he helped lay down the path for the Christian Rap artists we know and love today.



James Golding was born on November 23, 1977. He was born and raised in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. His mother was a pianist and his father a Bible teacher so it was in his blood to become a Christian Artist. But his first label was mainstream along with his music. One of his label mates was actually MF DOOM. Even though his music wasn’t necessarily that Christian he still was a believer.

His Career

From the start of his Christian Rap career in 2000 through 2017, he released seven full-length albums. Some of the highlights of the albums are Nazareth and Heartsville. If you are new to Japhia Life or just Christian Rap, I would highly recommend a straight-through listen of Heartsville. The way he puts phone call clips before some of the songs and the way he tells a story through his songs, it’s just great music. Some of the stand-out singles are “I’m A Mess” from Westside Pharmacy and “Water” from The Profit.

What He Has Been Doing

Since 2017, he has come out with three singles “Time,” “Attributes of Mercy,” and “The Fan.” His most recent one, “The Fan” came out last Friday. It is a great song and has received the hype it deserves. Fellow Philly artist and Rapzilla Freshman Q-Flo tweeted about the song.

We do have confirmation he is finishing an album and that “The Fan” will be on the tracklist. He has been working on a documentary that’s about going way back before Christian Hip-Hop. It focuses more on the source of Gospel Music and the Black Church. It will be going into production before the end of the year. He is also working on a shorter documentary that may come out first.

Connect with Japhia Life on Twitter here or any social media platform @JaphiaLife

Listen to his new single “The Fan”:

Watch the music video for “Before Sunset” of the album Heartsville:

Cal Hackett

Written by Cal Hackett

I'm an intern at Rapzilla. I attend Coventry Christian Schools. I live near Philly and follow the rap scene there very closely. Some of my all time favorites are The Ambassador, Japhia Life, Emmanuel (Da Truth), Q-flo, and J. Monty.

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