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Eminem Dropping a Jesus Heavy Verse on Kanye’s ‘Use This Gospel Remix’ was Unexpected

Alright, stop yelling at me. I’m not saying Eminem is a Christian rapper and I’m not trying to convince you that Kanye West is a gospel artist. One calls himself a “Rap God” and the other calls himself “Yeezus.” However, this pair, along with the production of Dr. Dre dropped a rather interesting song.

Today DJ Khaled’s latest project God Did just dropped. The premise is essentially when no one believed in him, God did. Thematically the track titles and the songs have loose themes alluding toward it too.

The song “Use This Gospel” is off of Kanye’s 2019 Jesus is King album. It features the Clipse (Pusha T and No Malice), and saxophonist Kenny G. Khaled enlists Mr. West for an updated Dr. Dre remix of the track featuring…Eminem.

The tracklist came out earlier in the week and everyone was left to speculate what Slim Shady would say over a gospel track. Well, to his credit, he says a whole lot, and it’s weighty and on point.

Em drops a very “Christian” rap verse (take that however you want), and talks about his faith, the Savior, and being thankful for Jesus. Right now in the comments, you’re saying, “So what?”, you’re typing in caps, and saying he’s a wolf – ok, cool, you’re entitled to that. I’m just letting you know about the song…


I had a friend who had prophetic dreams. He told me he once had a dream that Eminem was saved and started making music for God. I did not want to be a deterrent to what he thought his gift was, but I kind of rolled my eyes. For a while, I even thought he got it wrong, and the vision was supposed to be of Kanye.

Well, here we are in 2022, a gospel track with Yeezus and Rap God. Hasn’t everything been crazy enough?

I tell that story to not give my ringing endorsement of that dream, but to say, “hey, stranger things have happened.” If Em is seeking, awesome! If he genuinely believes in Jesus but continues to make the music he does, then most Christians will have a problem with it. Or, and this is something we know, he’s an incredibly talented writer who can take a topic and run with it.

During his tours in the early 2000s, he’d pray before his sets. Then he’d go on to rap some of the most profane hip-hop of all time.

Whatever the case may be, the lyrics to what Marshall is saying could perhaps be an encouragement to someone. Also, when have you heard an Em song without anything objectionable in it?…well, the gospel is offensive to some people…but I digress.

Check out the words:

I’m holding on (Yeah) but I don’t know if I can take it much longer
Today’s the day that I put all of my trust and faith in You, Father
Please let this hate make me stronger
‘Fore they turn on me like a zombie
It’s like I’m being strangled unconscious (Yeah)
When temptation is almost like Satan is making you tryna
Take you away from your daughters
Danglin’ a bunch of painkillers on ya
Wavin’ ’em in your face and then watch ’em comin’ extra strength
And that’s why they make ’em in rectangular objects
‘Cause that’s the shape of a coffin
Though, it ain’t medication this time
But the devil’s egging me on
And I ain’t gonna let ’em break me ’cause I’m a soldier
You can bank on that promise like the Chamber of Commerce
So my savior, I call on
To rescue me from these depths of despair
So these demons better step like a stair
Because He is my shepherd
I’m armed with Jesus, my weapon is prayer
Soon as I squeeze it, I’m blessed like sneezes
Call me Yeezus, I’m F’d in the head, maybe I’m bonkers
Regardless, never claimed to be flawless
Long as the mistakes I’ve acknowledged
Y’all wish I would say something positive
Well, okay, then I’m positive
They’d rather trade weather with Mayweather
‘Cause they would fare way better with them odds
Than they would exchanging some bars
Or trading any bars with Shady and probably is painfully obvious
To compare Godliness to an atheist
But I got them audiences raving (Woo) in amidst my squabbles
I got some awesome inspiration to drop ’em, off ’em
Pen and paper, I’m knockin’ ’em off
Woke up on stage at a concert
Whole place looking like a mosh pit
Bible at my side like a rifle with a God-given gift
Every single day I thank God for
That’s why I pay so much homage
Praises to Jesus, I’ll always

Listen to Eminem in “Use This Gospel” Below:

Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

Justin is the Editor-in-Chief of Rapzilla.com. He has been a journalist for over a decade and has written or edited for Relevant, Christian Post, BREATHEcast, CCM, Broken Records Magazine, & more. He also likes to work with indie artists to develop their brands & marketing strategies. Catch him interviewing artists on Survival of the Artist Podcast.

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