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The Ambassador – Ride n Vibe music video

The Ambassador – Ride n Vibe music video

The Ambassador will be dropping an EP called The Invitation. Before we get the project, he’s giving us a few singles. He surprised us today with “Ride n Vibe.”


He also gave us a music video for the single “No Other.”

“This is an invitation to come and experience the Holy One who has no equals or rivals. There is no God like our God, who loves, forgives, restores, makes whole, etc… Lean it!” he wrote in the caption.

Watch The Ambassador Below:

Earlier in the year, producer MPax Musiq dropped a long post on his Facebook that talked about working with the Ambassador for his new project. The Cross Movement legend will be releasing an album called The Invitation.

The post reads:

Very soon the labor of the work will be showcased to the world to see & hear but in the meantime, I wanted to share a few words. I had the honor to executively produce this new project @ambassador215 is close to dropping. Working with a legend such as Amba has been an honor and dream come true. I remember listening to all the CMR records back in my high school days (2000-2004) & listening to how CMR impacted CHH. I wanted to be part of that movement but I knew my skillset wasn’t rapping or singing but I was a musican. I prayed to God to help me build my producing skills and I started investing in equipment knowing my desire was to just worship the Lord with the skills & talent he had given me. Not knowing that 15 years later I would be working w/ the leader of that movement myself. This project is full circle for me & knowing that I wanted to be a producer that IMPACTS (Mpax) the listeners hearts & soul with the music I created & this project will do just that!”

The last project that Ambassador released was 2016’s When Sacred Meets Secular. We last hear from Amba when he addressed Phanatik’s leaving of the faith, here.


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