Rapper Eternity Creates Clothing Brand Around His Song Titles [Interview]

Rapzilla got to chop it up with rapper and clothing brand owner Eternity who recently dropped his project Dreamers & Schemers. The rapper does some pretty unique things with his song titles and clothing line that serves as marketing for his music and sales for his business.

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For those who don’t know you, how would you sum up who Eternity the artist is?

Storyteller…every story should be told, heard, and most definitely felt.

You’re a man of many hats – rapper, clothing designer, film producer, and you work in the medical field. How do you balance everything that you do?

Man thank God I’m able to do my writing/clothing designing while at work. I have a desk job with a lot of downtime so during the downtime I wrote and planned the short film series Poor Kids and also wrote my latest EP Dreams & Schemes.

With you working in the medical field, I saw that you got to talk to Fat Joe 2x about what was happening with COVID in 2020. Did anything come out of your interactions with Fat Joe?

Our talks weren’t about music but it was awesome to get a chance to chop it up with him a few times and we had a great time. So that helps my page excites the followers and shows the grind.

Networking doesn’t always have to be about music but just building having a good conversation. I’ve gotten to chat with Lamont Hill, Jas Prince, Mya, Nore, and more I didn’t get to save.


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What work have you done with film production?

I wrote, cast, filmed, & edited three short films. Two of which were the videos for my EP Poor Kids

Kingdom Club Apparel - Eternity


One of the things that drew me into your story was your clothing. You created merch for every song on your last project. Will you continue to do this in the future, and what has the reception to the music with the merch been like?

I will most definitely continue to make merch that revolves around my music. And the reception has been amazing. It started out as something I just thought I should do, but I fell in love and I was definitely motivated by the first purchases

What are our plans for Kingdom Club Apparel beyond the music?

Continue to tell my story through the clothing as well. Momma loves me (song) is the perfect example!

Your roots are from NY. You hear that in your rap tone. What brought you to make hip-hop?

My best friend used to rap and told me I should, so I did. He was so talented. I was always trying to be as good as him, and for three years I was begging him to rap so I could just learn. I came to find out that all those raps he used to rap were Nas [laughs]. But by that time I was already hooked, and the rest is history

How did you get together with Rigz to craft Dreams & Schemes?

We were a part of a chat group and I was looking for producers and someone recommended him. Ever since our first song together, “i made it,” it’s been like an instant brotherhood. Love that guy. God did an amazing work linking us up, and with the appreciation, I have for him I’m not shocked we ended up with a project like Dreams & Schemes. Most definitely my best work. Absolutely LOVE THIS EP!

What do you have in the works musically?

I am in full Promo mode for Dreams & Schemes and currently, RIGZ and I are almost done with Dreams & Schemes pt 2.

Anything else you’d like to say or add?

Besides God is the greatest I do, but it’s Nunya Business!

Listen to Eternity Below:


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