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Northern Radar (Summer 2022): 5 Canadian Christian Rap Artists on the Rise

The Christian Rap scene in Canada has no shortage of talent, yet many of the artists are relatively unknown stateside. In this edition of the Northern Radar, we showcase a rap duo from the West Coast, a pair of frequent collaborators from the Prairies, and an up-and-coming artist from Canada’s Capital.


(Vancouver, BC)

Paracleats is an exciting new addition to Vancouver’s thriving CHH scene. The rap duo, composed of Oakland-born Terrance Richmond and Chicago-born Swain has been making waves since they officially teamed up in early 2022. Those following Canada’s scene will know that Terrance Richmond has been putting out dope albums for years, including THAT LOVE in 2017, SHUT UP & PRAY FO’M in 2019, and GLORY CLOUD in 2020. Meanwhile, up-and-coming artist Swain is also a talented actor and can be seen on the Hulu Original series The Hardy Boys.

As a duo, the artists vibe off one another’s energy and intersperse laid-back vibes with hard-hitting delivery. They released a series of singles in the early part of the year as a lead-up to their debut full-length album PULL UP. The record has high-quality products, including choir vocals, classic samples, and hype melodies. If you follow them on socials, you will know that they know how to put on an incredible live show, to the delight of their fanbase.

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(Regina, Saskatchewan)

Yohan Yemba and Coleman Williams are a pair of indie hip-hop artists based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. In many ways, they are carving out their own sound which incorporates boom-bap, cloud rap, and hyper-pop. Since their first collaboration in 2020, their discographies have become heavily intertwined; with each artist featuring regularly on each other’s singles. 

In April 2022, they released their debut collaborative project 3STOCK which included features from 350, Levi Parker, and Rhomar Jessy. They can be counted on to create records that are playful and upbeat—peppered with references to anime, and gaming culture—while simultaneously affirming faith in their listeners. Those in the know also don’t sleep on their technical ability, as they comfortably slide into multi-syllable rhyme schemes and rapid-fire delivery.

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(Ottawa, Canada)

Not many hip-hop artists have the vocal range and versatility of Shirlvin Desir. Reminiscent of Aaron Cole, he sounds equally compelling whether staying in a melodic lane or switching it up with wordplay-heavy cadences. Based out of Ottawa, he burst on the scene in 2020 and released his debut album REVIVED in 2021.  

His hooks and wavy flows never disappoint, and combine R&B vibes with Christ-centred lyrics. His recent collaborations with Reblah and Kojo Dave have resulted in catchy singles with high replay value. He frequently writes songs that represent the perspective of a young man following God in a fallen world.

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Were any of these Christian Rap artists already on your radar? Did you just discover a new artist to add to your playlists? Let us know in the comments. Previous installments of this series were released in Winter 2022 and Spring 2022.


Written by Kofi Khae

Kofi Khae has been passionate about Christian Hip Hop for over 20 years. He is a husband, artist, civil servant, and former young adult pastor. When he is not championing the CHH scene in Canada, he is building lego cities with his young kids.

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