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What Has Bryann T and Kingdom Muzic Been Up To?

Bryann T is one of the most outgoing Christian Rappers right now. All of his music is explicitly Christian. He is a founder and the CEO of Kingdom Muzic, which is an international network of ministers and ministries seeking unity with the Body of Christ in a family-oriented relationship. They are also one of the more prominent record labels in the CHH scene. Some of the Kingdom Muzic artists are Bryann T, Brandon Trejo, and Antwoine Hill. 


Bryann Trejo was born July 4th, 1980 in Corpus Cristi, TX, one of two identical twin babies. He lived there through his adolescent years and moved to a couple more Texas towns before settling in Chattanooga, TN at 13. That is where he started to delve into street life and gangs.

He spent most of his teenage years in juvenile detention for armed robberies and selling narcotics. By his twenties, his life was a revolving door in and out of jail and prison. At the age of 23, he was facing 30 years in prison for two attempted murders in retaliation for an attack on his twin brother from a rival street drug syndicate. By the grace of God, the charges were lowered to two aggravated assaults and he plead down to seven years in prison. He served four years and got out on probation. So by the age of 27 going on 28, he had spent a lot of his adult life in prison.

When he got out he returned to Chattanooga, TN to be with his kids. Soon after, he moved to Fort Wayne, IN where his twin brother lived. In May of 2013, his brother was murdered in retaliation for the killing of a young kid the week prior. Those who murdered Bryann’s twin brother believed he had something to do with the young kid’s murder. In actuality, his brother was trying to mentor the kid. In reaction, Bryann could have avenged his brother but chose to love and forgive. That is the message of Jesus he spreads around the world today.

His Career:

From the start of his career (in 2015) to 2021 Bryann T came out with 12 full-length albums. The highlightsBryann Trejo are the albums: I Encourage Growth and Kingdom Muzic Family: The Remnant. Some of the single song highlights are “Middle of the Storm” and “I Believe in Prayer.” In 2020, he started the Give Em’ Heaven Podcast. On the podcast, he would interview other artists or talk about his faith and other Biblical discussion points. 

What He has Been Up To:

Throughout 2022, he has been releasing music videos for his album, which officially came out on April 17. The album’s biggest hits so far have been “I Try” and “Church House.” “I Try” has over 380,000 plays on Spotify and “Church House” has 600,000 views on YouTube and is often heard on NGEN radio. The podcast has come to a close or is at least on a several-month hiatus. About a month ago, they came out with an Important Ministry Announcement, which you can find here. To briefly sum it up, due to security concerns is non-operational until further notice. Also, they are not affiliated with Kingdom Muzic Management or Kingdom Coffee. #greenscreen @opto_music gives an update about #bryannt and #kingdommuzic ♬ I Try – Bryann T

Listen to Bryann T and Kingdom Muzic here: 

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