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5 More Dope Christian Clothing Brands to Check Out

Matthew 28:16-20 tells us to spread the gospel and make disciples of all nations. Clothing and apparel are a great way to share the message of God and the Good News we are called to tell as Christians. And why not look good doing it. Here are five dope Christian clothing brands that should be on your radar. You can check out a previous version of a similar article here.



Our designs are inspired by Truth. We are called to be the “light of the world.”  We are called to follow Jesus. Not just to be “Christians” who believe. If we are truly followers of Jesus, then others will see the “light” in us. Love will be pouring through us to others. It is that love, the most important fruit of the spirit, that will cause others to see something different in us, not a t-shirt.

316tees is a big supporter of orphan and foster care. They support Coreluv International and other ministries. Coreluv’s motto is “Defend the Orphan.”

As seen in the name, 316tees, mainly sell t-shirts with an occasional hoodie or hat. They not only have a large number of Christian tees but patriotic ones as well.

You can check out 316tees here.

Off Brand



The founder, Armani or ‘Mani’, was born and raised in the inner city of New Haven, CT. But from elementary into high school, he attended school in suburbia. As a young Puerto Rican boy in a predominantly white school, he was ridiculed for things like matching clothes, shoes, and haircuts – things that were normal for where he was raised. He felt like an outsider both in school and back in the neighborhood where he didn’t fit in with the “street” mentality.

As he got older and began to experience the real world first-hand, his state of mind began to evolve for the better. But what stuck around was how he felt as an outsider. He remembered that unsettling feeling of someone wanting to figure him out just by his style of clothes or his interests. The goal of this brand is to go against those ways of thinking and be an advocate for the outcast and serve them with liberation.

Armani is a man of faith and does not believe we should be boxed in by where we were raised but rather illuminated because of it.

Shop Off Brand here.


I asked a HolStrength ambassador a few questions about the brand.

What’s the mission of HolStrength?

“The mission is to spread God’s word and grow His Kingdom whilst spreading the love of lifting. One of the core values is that God made us wonderfully and we should honor bodies – part of that is keeping in shape and lifting helps with that.”

Is HolStrength strictly weightlifting and fitness-oriented?

“Well along with being Christ-centered, yes. They’re a gym apparel company and they’re actually expanding their line of streetwear right now.”

What does it mean to be an Ambassador and how could someone potentially be one?

“So as an Ambassador we represent the company and try to share their mission and culture through our actions and social media activity. If you email their team through their website, they will respond and totally look over your account to see what it has to offer! The HolStrength team is so friendly and welcoming, I’m sure that if you have the right motives and you’re outgoing, they’d love to have you.”

What are some of the best ways somebody could support the mission as well as the clothing brand?

“HolStrength’s main mission is to grow God’s Kingdom and to evangelize- being a light in the lives of unbelievers would help support their mission alone! And if you want to buy some of their apparel, you can help them put out more clothing so we can represent Jesus proudly in the gym and outside of.”

Thanks to Noah Backus for the interview. You can check him out on Instagram here and use code: NOAHBCKHS at checkout for 10% off. Using a code also supports the Ambassador for the code you use.

Fabrics of Faith


Fabrics of Faith believe God has called each of us to live a spiritually filled existence, giving all glory and praise to the Creator and Sustainer of the universe through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. “We as believers have all been hand-chosen and pre-ordained by God to a specific task and purpose to spread the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth. We each collectively make up the body of Christ and through His power living within us, we can surely accomplish all things in both the spiritual and physical world!”

Fabrics of Faith is a unique Christian lifestyle brand with a higher purpose and vision to spread the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to all tongues, tribes, and nations. They use their passion and God-Given skill to develop our powerful, unique, and fashionable apparel to help spread the word of God and parables of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You can buy Fabrics of Faith here.

Victory Apparel


Victory Apparel believes that making Christ known is the number one purpose in life. “We strive to do that by using our gifts and passions to glorify God and make it all about Him. We make apparel that shows who we belong to and what we stand for. Your clothing could be a conversation starter to a life impacted for eternity. Together, let’s show Christ as the only One worthy of praise.”

The first idea for Victory Apparel came after four years of designing T-Shirts to help fund mission trips. These shirts were a hit in the local community. The owner would often see people wearing them around town and at our local gym. This often created conversations for those wearing the shirts and we always received positive feedback. In 2018 the company was born.

They wanted to create a brand that proclaims the name of Jesus and gives glory to God rather than myself. Giving back is also very important to them which is why they donate 10% of all sales to faith-based non-profits.

Similar to HolStrength, the brand mainly focuses on fitness clothes. They have many collections based on Bible verses. Some of them are Faith Over Fear (2 Timothy 1:70), Christ Alone (Acts 4:12), and Unashamed (Romans 1:16).

Shop Victory Apparel here.

What Christian clothing brand did you like the best? Which ones will you be checking out? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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