Rapzilla Freshmen A3 Walks in His Freedom Through Christ Daily

Rapzilla Freshmen A3 came into the year with people having a lot of expectations. His brother 350 was a freshmen the year before, and just put out one of the best projects of 2022. However, A3 is his own artist, with a unique sound and vibe. In this interview, he celebrates his freedom in Christ and with himself.

You recently dropped your debut project Hear the Heavens, how has the reception been so far?

In my opinion, it has been great. It really has been showing me who my real fans are, and I think that’s important because I wanted this project to start a new foundation of an A3 fanbase.


What was the main message you wanted to communicate? And was it hard being so vulnerable on some songs?

Since I have some sort of influence, with it I wanted to let the people who are listening, most importantly the kids who are like me, to know that it’s okay to feel what you feel but there is this thing called freedom that you only get from Jesus Christ. Freedom from being controlled by feelings, freedom from expectations. It’s how life was intended with God… to be good!

I know your brother 350 is a huge influence on you, but do you sometimes find it difficult to deal with the expectations that come with that? Or do you feel like you’re in his shadow in any way?

Not at all, maybe when I was younger growing up but that’s not the case anymore because we know who we are in Christ and where we have come from. If he wins, I win and vice versa.

I know your grandmother recently passed. How has that affected you personally and musically?

I think at first it was hard because I feel like I didn’t cherish her enough. But recently I’ve learned that the seed she planted in my family has just been blossoming throughout my whole life, even to the music. Her life was a blessing and I know God is going to continue to bless people through her life through mine.

You’ve been performing at festivals lately like Holy Smoke and Siervos. What has that been like for you? And what’s the best part of performing?

It’s been amazing because I never thought I’d be here. I’m in awe of God’s faithfulness and God’s promises. The best part is hearing people talk about what my music has done for them!

I notice you have a strong sense of fashion, where did you get it from? and do you have any plans for a clothing line in the future?

When I was like eight, there was this one morning when my mom chose my church clothes and when I went to go see what she had picked out for me, that was the day I decided I was going to start styling myself (laughs). I’ve always been a fan of clothes since I was young, it has just grown since then. The freedom that I live in has helped me to just wear what I want and express how I feel. Hear the Heavens isn’t just an album, it’s a brand, it’s a movement.

Freedom is Christ is something that’s important to you, how did you achieve it? And what would you tell someone who’s struggling?

I learned who God truly is and what he truly says about me. I would say go to the source (Jesus) with that struggle. He is not intimidated by our questions, so go and ask him, “What is this freedom that I keep hearing about, that I don’t have?” And read Romans 6:1-14.

I know WHATUPRG is someone you’re close to. What was it like having him on your debut project? and what’s something about him that people would be surprised to know?

It was a dream come true because he is like my Andy or Lecrae. It was just amazing to have him on it! He is so humble and just a kid wanting to make music and have fun, super genuine.

What made you decide on a pop direction for your music, which is way different from earlier songs like “God Fearing” and do you plan on going back to more rap on future songs?

It just happened, to be honest. I like what I like and just decided and realized that I can do whatever I want musically. I’m just having fun and doing what I feel and in those moments some of the best songs are made. I’m making some of my best music right now!

What do you want people to know most about A3?

If I can do it, you can too! There’s more that I need to say. Hear the Heavens was just the beginning!

Listen to A3 Below:


Written by Kevan Banks

Kevan Banks, known as Kev In The Corner, is a music lover and guest coordinator for Trackstarz.

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