New Social Club Misfits or Marty Project? ‘Album is Done’

What are we getting?

Marty just dropped a tweet hinting at a lot of new music. The thing is, the only thing we can confirm, is that he has another project with Datin coming. The rest of the tweet can be talking about himself or Social Club Misfits.

Social Club Misfits a few months back revealed that they have a new album coming. They said that in February and they confirmed again in March.

In a deleted tweet they said, this next record fulfills their contract to Capitol CMG.

They then praised the label for believing in them.

Their last project was 2020’s Feared By Hell and then a remix of the album last year.

Also in 2020, Marty dropped Marty for President 2.

A few months back, Marty dropped a video clip of a new song called “No Hate Like Christian Love” with the title “Marty for President” next to it. The end of the clip reads Social Club Misfits.

It seems to be a sample of his upcoming solo album and maybe he’s reminding us of Social Club Misfits. He writes that he’s “pumped about the new music” so that could mean we’re getting both!

See Marty’s Post:

We recently wrote about us anticipating an album from SCM and Fern in 2022, so if you add Marty to the fix, that’ll truly be special. Read it here.

So let’s see what we’re getting.

What do you think?

Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

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