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5 Underrated Christian Rap Producers (Part 5)

Producers are ever-growing within Christian hip-hop and it can get hard to keep track of them. There are a variety of producers from different backgrounds that have a lot to offer. So here are 5 Christian Rap producers on the come-up. Read Part 4 here.

I Project

I Project is an 18-year-old artist/producer from Detroit, Michigan who has been making music for 11 years. He started on an iPad, making beats while trying to find his sound. I Project has always been musical, using those skills to navigate his way around making it a career. He started finding his sound when he got a Mac and made his debut song “I Gotta Go Get It” in which he saw the potential in.

He had Zauntee encourage him to keep pursuing music and build his craft. He is inspired by a variety of artists such as Zauntee, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, and Herbie Hancock.

I Project has produced for artists like SpotemGottem, Sada Baby, GT, Zauntee, Proud Refuge, 1K Phew, and BigBreeze. His proudest moments include performing at an event where a young girl approached him saying that his music had saved her life. It was at the moment he felt God’s calling upon his life to impact people through music and entrepreneurship.

I Project is currently producing Zauntee’s upcoming album as well as executively producing seven different EPs with different artists. Apart from producing, he is also an artist who is set to release his own album in July. His goal is to get a number one song or album on the Billboard charts this year. Follow I Project on Instagram.

Ally Minju

Ally Minju is a 21-year-old artist/producer from Los Angeles, California who has been making music for about two to three years. As a child, Ally loved singing and dancing and dreamt of being a singer, however, she never thought of it as a career. She quit playing the piano at 13 because she could not fully express herself through it but found herself as the first female to play the tenor drums at her school. Her influences include Kanye West, Jhené Aiko, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole.

Ally got into college at MIT for Aeronautical Engineering which is where she found God. To cope with her depression at college, she used music as therapy to keep her going. After two years at MIT she decided to drop out of college and move back to L.A. to pursue music. Her friends Petrina DeLacey and her husband JBThaPreacher helped inspire and mentor Ally to pursue music and help build their craft. Together, they have built a studio dedicated to CHH called Confirmation Ministries.

Ally so far has produced for Petrina DeLacey and JBThePreacher. She also self-produces her own songs as well. Her proudest moments include producing a song titled “Walking in the Spirit” which she lists as one of her favorite tracks she’s made and debuting her performance at MIT.

Currently, Ally is going back to finish her college education at MIT while pursuing music as well. She plans to build consistently through the summer by making a beat/song a day. Her goals are to finish her album “MIA from MIT” before going back to school, to help build the Boston CHH scene and plant seeds at college, as well as grow Confirmation Ministries, and help establish their Fye Spirit clothing brand. Follow Ally Minju on Instagram.

Wayne Klassik

Wayne Klassik is a producer from Phoenix, Arizona who has been making music for 10 years. His Jamaican parentd taught him to play keys which transitioned him into playing piano and drums at his church. Wayne grew up listening to Pharrell and Timbaland and started producing after hearing Kanye West’s College Dropout. He eventually linked up with rappers Weez the Satellite Kid and AB and produced their projects making his debut in CHH.

Wayne has produced for artists such as 1k Phew, Reece Lache, J.Monty, Trutha Raps, Mic Wise, Weez the Satellite Kid, AB, Tylynn, Steven Vowell, Young Noah, Conscience, Wilfredo, Warren Christian, and Reconcile.

His proudest moments include working on AB’s project Stories from Depression which helped AB overcome depression, having a placement with 1k Phew, and producing Gospel Lee’s song “Brilliant,” which charted #47 on the Billboard Christian Album Charts.

Wayne is currently working on putting out his own records as an artist and working with Weez the Satellite Kid on his upcoming projects. His goals are to continue to break new artists and build with up-and-coming artists. Follow Wayne Klassik on Instagram.


Urjurni is a 20-year-old producer from Upstate, South Carolina who has been making music for six years. Her mom used to make beats and was able to connect her with a producer at a studio session which sparked a passion inside of her. She was later gifted a MIDI keyboard which led to her experimenting with Ableton allowing her to start making beats.

Urjurni has produced for artists like Chiwaz, Nuvo, and other SoundCloud rappers she’s worked with before finding her sound. Her proudest moments include being able to connect with other female producers, dropping her EP titled Tokyo Summer, and realizing God took her through the process of finding her sound which is different from anything out there. She believes God has helped her craft beats in a way that takes the listener on a journey because every section is different which brings a whole new vibe to the track.

Urjurni is currently working on collab beats with Shetherookie and Dara JT. Her goal is to inspire people through her music by allowing them to be themselves by chasing their passion. Follow Jurni on Instagram.


Donovan is a producer from Riverside California but is currently residing in Tulsa Oklahoma. He has always had a love for music from a young age, playing instruments and then discovering music production. Since then, he has been learning and growing as a producer for three years.

Donovan started making beats back in California as his friends were messing around with beat-making and because he wanted to rap. He turned to music as an outlet after being hurt by a girl and stuck with it ever since.

Donovan’s proudest moment hasn’t been an exact moment, but more so over time. He is proud of his growth and how far he has come with music.

His goal is to continue to make connections with as many artists and producers as well as finish this year off strong by continuing to grow in his creativity. He also wants to use his music to bring glory to God. Follow Donovan on Instagram.


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Which of these Christian rap producers have you heard before?

What do you think?

Joshua Samuel

Written by Joshua Samuel

Joshua Samuel is an intern at Rapzilla and is currently a student at Metalworks Institute for Audio Engineering and Music Business in Toronto. He is an artist/producer himself who aspires to one day work in the music industry. Samuel enjoys pop culture, so when he is not making music he is catching up on new movies and tv-shows.

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