4 Christian Rap ‘Adjacent’ Artists Paving Their Own Lane

There are a ton of artists doing Christian rap. There are also a bunch who got their start in CHH or working with artists in it. They are Believers but for one reason or another, their calling was not ministering through music. There is nothing wrong with this.

So if you check out a Derek Minor or Andy Mineo album and see some names you haven’t heard of that may or may not have some explicit tracks or reach the “God-per-minute” quota – this is why.


He was born in Ghana and moved to Maryland at the age of five. Growing up, he played the saxophone and the piano and started rapping at 18.

In 2017, when asked about his music he said, “I think bright and colorful is a good description because that’s how I try to be in life in general. I try to be outgoing and the way I dress is very bright. I feel like music is a way to express yourself, so I’m definitely trying to go for a cool feel. When you think of cool colors, like yellow or pink or red. Not necessarily summertime stuff, but just cool colors. That’s what I want people to think of when they listen to my stuff.” You can find the interview here.

Since then, he has had collaborations with the likes of Social Club Misfits, Derek Minor, 1k Phew, and more. The most recent one is “All In the Wrist” with Derek Minor and Parris Chariz. It already has over one million plays and is featured on Beast Mode Christian on Spotify.

He has over 225,000 monthly listeners on Spotify which puts him on a large stage to spread the Gospel. Follow Foggieraw on Instagram here.

Listen to “Clear” Below:

Eric Heron

Eric Heron is a Cuban-American Hip-Hop artist from San Antonio, Texas. Growing up, Eric played numerous sports and attended Georgetown University on a baseball scholarship. Eric HeronThere, he began trying his hand at production and recording of music in his dorm room, eventually producing his debut retail single, “Be Me.”

That single led to his debut EP Dawn which had features from WHATUPRG and Cortes. The EP started his career on the right foot. Then he started his “trilogy” of sorts with Afterglow: A Somewhat Complicated Story. With part two being Neon: A Somewhat Adamant Sequel (2018) and then Golden Hour: A Somewhat Regal Finale (2019). Here is an article about that album. He also had an album in 2018 with OnBeatMusic titled Duos. That album had two different features from Die Daily members Dillon Chase and Chis Aye.

His most recent project, 1993 Main Street, is a nine-track album that was released on April 8th of this year. The album had features from Foggieraw, seni., Jude Barclay, and Deraj. Follow Eric on Instagram here.

Listen to “Obi-Wan”:

Kaleb Mitchell

Kaleb Mitchell is a 22-year-old rap and hip-hop artist from Morristown, NJ. Mitchell is a talented young artist who started his musical career at five years old by playing the piano by ear. He decided he wanted to start rapping at the age of eight after watching the “8 Mile” rap battle scene. To say he was born for this would be an understatement.

He began his career by releasing two mixtapes and multiple singles in 2015 & 2016. Kaleb quickly began gaining traction on platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube etc. So Help Me God was his first commercial effort and third mixtape. It peaked at #7 on the Apple Hip Hop/Rap charts and #82 on their main charts. Up to this point, he was still only in high school!

Mid 2019, he got a deal with Def Jam. Together they re-released his song “Get It.” The song was picked up by the New York Jets football team and played at the games.

Two years later, he came out with So God Help Me II.  The album came out with a short film directed and written by Kaleb. The album peaked at #7 on the iTunes Hip Hop/Rap charts with features from Aha Gazelle and John Givez. He has already done so much for the Christian Rap scene. Personally, I really look forward to his future projects.

He has been featured by the likes of nobigdyl., Marty from Social Club Misfits, Aaron Cole, and Nu Tone. Follow Kaleb’s Instagram here.

Listen to “Be A Legend” by Nu Tone, Ray Knowledge, and Kaleb:

Jude Barclay

Jude Barclay is a producer and songwriter from Midland, Michigan. He is known for experimenting with many different types of music and never fails to surprise his fans with every release. His unique ability to intermix genres such as rock, hip-hop, and pop certainly has caught many ears. At the age of 15, he found his love for music.

Jude’s first collaborative release “Die Down” was with rapper Eric Heron (named earlier on the list). This led to Jude’s next release and Debut Album Nightmares to Daydreams which features many Dove Award-winning artists such as Aaron Cole and good friend Steven Malcolm. Jude released several more singles with singer-songwriter John Michael Howell. One of these songsJude Barclay called “All I Feel Is You” was featured on the national television program Nicole Crank Show.

Jude started a clothing brand by the name of Bigger Dreams Club, inspired by his song “Bigger Dreams.”

He really broke into the Christian Rap Scene when his song “highschool never really ends” got picked to be put on the 116 Summer 21 playlist. After his success with that song, he released a fifteen-track album titled freshman year mixtape on December 31, 2021.

This album has the features of Not Klyde, Jay-Way, Aklesso, and Jon Keith. He also had “wow eli,” a CHH producer on almost half the songs. Follow Jude’s Instagram here.

Listen to “highschool never really ends”:


Which of these Christian Rap adjacent artists have you heard of or listen to? Who else should be on this list? 

Cal Hackett
Cal Hackett
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