350 Explains Meaning of ‘Love You, Divine’ & Talks Album Features

Just over a week ago, 350 dropped what some people are calling the album of the year with Love You, Divine. The 2021 Rapzilla Freshmen spoke extensively about mental health, trauma, and drugs in the first part of this conversation. In part two, he dives into some of the tracks and inspirations for the project.

Read part one here.

Talk about the song Regardless

That is probably one of my favorite songs that I’ve written. Just because I love that sound, you know, of that grimy hip hop sound. And I guess now we can equate it to Griselda. It’s funny how you talk a lot about the trap kind of 350 sounds. But at the beginning, as you know, because you and I have been rocking for a minute, this is the kind of music that I’ve been making.

You know, going all the way back to Seasons and Mountains you know, even as of recent, my most recent single before they roll out for this album “No More Praying.” It is a sound that I really wanted to make my own because I just love that kind of music. I think one of my favorite projects is PRhyme with Royce da 5’9″ and DJ Premier. It is excellent writing and the skill is just top tier. The rhyme schemes are just insane.

Do you wanna talk about any of these? That Mogli song is crazy. I love how you guys linked up like that because he’s probably another one who’s top of mind for me that talks about mental health and just real stuff but he’s also got a different vibe to him. I feel like you guys linking together on that song was just like a match made in heaven.

That’s crazy because I feel like people wouldn’t think to put us together, but he asked to be on it! I showed him that song because this project’s been finished for a while, but I’m still working on it a little. He’s like, “yo, if you’re gonna make a remix, let me be on it.” And I’m like, “bro, just get on the actual song.” And dude, when he wrote “you were never worth it all along,” I think it just matched so well with the idea of breaking chains, you know what I’m saying?

The song “Good Without You” is a song about taking captive of your thoughts and saying goodbye to the things that hold you captive. So for him to come on that, I mean, you talking about being from heaven. I think God really used Mogli for that. So the features that are listed you know, I think Joey Vantes he slid bro. He is the, waviest kind of melodic rapper that I know. I would equate him even to like PARTYNEXTDOOR, you know just the way he rides and uses the auto-tune to make such a wavy sound, you know, very psychedelic. And I just love that about his sound.


I love that hook. I love the hook on that song.

Oh dude, shout out A3 man. He helped me write it. Speaking of collaborators that people won’t really know…Jon Keith is on that song too, but he’s not on the mic. He made the beat which is dope. But I mean he killed that beat dude. That is probably the hardest-hitting 808s that you’ll hear, you know what I’m saying? Also going down the line, you know, we have my boy Wxlf. Him and I are on the come-up together which is super cool. I just love the idea of both of us coming together and collabing. He is just such a character and he’s just one of those cool people. He just looks like a superstar.

I gotta give Mogli his flowers because I told him I got Paris on this song because once I heard him on this dark trap sound I knew he could handle it. And I never like to work with artists that I’m not genuinely a fan of. You know, I don’t wanna just get like nobigdyl. I’m a big fan of Dyl. But if I wasn’t, I don’t just put people on my songs because they’re popping.

There’s also another dope little teaser from Mission, Texas. His name is Joseph Stingley. He is an amazing singer. He’s gonna be on A3’s album too. But he has this outro on one of my songs and bro it’s amazing, like his vocal tone. He’s a singer-singer. He’s great, but there are little moments like that, that I just love to create. It’s another layer for my core fans as they dig deeper into the album to uncover something new.

Talk about the name Love You, Divine.

I mean we could finish off with this, the whole, the name of the project. Love You, Divine. Divine is the name of my grandma. Her name’s Deanna which translates to divine. So in creating this project, my grandma had passed away, and I was out of town doing the show. In a sense, I really didn’t get to say goodbye. I did beforehand, you know, we all were not sure if she was gonna make it.

So we all said our goodbyes, but I felt like this (project) is actually me saying goodbye and thanking her, you know? In my battle with anxiety, my grandma was a pastora. That’s what they would call her, she’s a pastor’s wife. She was always the one to support, pray over me, let me cry, or give me hugs. Do you know what I mean? She was always the one that was there for me. Especially when I needed her. And so she was the one that taught me to take captive of my thoughts.

She was the one that taught me to stand up. She was a really bold woman when it came to her walk with God. So she really gave me the courage and she taught me the strength that comes from God. As far as breaking those chains in my life, she was a big part of that. So this is literally a letter signing I love you, Divine.

This is a stamp in time. This is a snapshot of this period of my life, my early twenties. I’m gonna look back at this album and I’m going to remember this time very, very vividly. I have this time capsule of an album to help me remember. Love you, Divine.

Read part one here.

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