Zauntee is gearing up to release his much anticipated The Stonebrook Project. He was recently on the ‘Called to Act Podcast‘ where he broke down some of the stories behind the album.

One of the coolest things about the project was him saying God basically floated the project’s name to him. He then received confirmation on it later (16-minute mark).

Zauntee has also gone a few years between releasing full-length material. This caused him some doubt and even led him to contemplate scrapping the album. He was “tired” of the songs. His team steered him in the right direction and he realized these songs would be “new” for his audience. It’s already paid dividends as souls have been reached. (43 to 47 mark)

Lastly, at the end of the interview, he offered a time frame of when the album would release because “big things” could potentially be happening.

The rapper said to expect it anytime just before summer starts and July.

Listen to Zauntee Below: