FLAME dropped his new project through the Extra Nos Academy – Word and Water. The album is part sermon with songs called “Small Catechism” which has four parts. The other tracks are actual songs with features from Scootie Wop, George.Rose, Phil J., and Louis Anthony Smith.

He dropped a music video for the song “Why Wait” with George.Rose.

Listen to FLAME Below:

In addition to that, a press release and video came out announcing a book coming next year. It will focus on FLAME and his theological shift to Lutheranism.

“This book is uniquely dear to me,” he said in a press release. “As the readers and I journey together through the ripple and flux of my theological expedition, they, too, will behold a vast ocean of thirst-quenching ancient truths. Lutheran distinctive is guaranteed to liberate the weary traveler.”

Watch FLAME announce the book Below: