This is part two of our breakdown of the conversation had with Fern, Angie Rose, and Jadi about Christians infiltrating the mainstream. Part one talks about the “taboo” often surrounding being a Believer working in secular industries. This installment will focus on these artists explaining what they’ve learned in working outside of Christian media and how those still in the space can apply it.

Jadi stated that most of her experience as a Christian artist is in the Spanish music industry. She said a lot of the industry is very self-focused in terms of not being collaborative. Perhaps it is because there are many artists vying for the same audience.

“There’s always been this struggle of Christian-Spanish artists working together. I don’t understand why but I’ve always tried to break that rule. If there’s something to be learned from secular music is the togetherness they seem to have. There’s a cohesiveness that happens in their music. The threat is not there. It’s just about making good music,” the singer said. “At the end of the day for me, it’s just been about connecting with dope individuals and artists…and put that out for people who don’t know Christ.”

She continued, “It’s not about making some cool music. It’s about dope music with the storyline to tell you why we do what we do. We are dope and we are Christians that do dope music.”

Jadi believes there’s no reason why amazing Christian artists can’t sell out arenas and pack the house. Maybe it’s this collaborative spirit she speaks of?

Fern, more so offered advice for Christian creatives looking to branch out.

“Everything just needs to be done in excellence and we’ll be able to achieve a lot. It’s as simple as showing up on time for interviews and taking the time to be good at your craft,” he said. “You got them 10,000 hours in? I know I got them. I put in 10,000 hours times 10. I’m encouraging artists to be excellent to excel in this game and take it to the next level. Do what you mean, mean what you say.”

Rose said it’s obvious there’s much to learn from non-Christian media and creative industries. She doesn’t view it as a bad thing at all.

“They are actually winning. Their business models are working,” she shared. “Learn everything, even if it’s bad and it’s not what I’m supposed to do. I want to know why and why it doesn’t work. Any human who doesn’t appreciate the ability to learn in any situation, then you are not as good as you could be…if you don’t respect or honor the opportunities you are presented with to learn, then you’ll never be great, period.”

Watch the convo on Christian artists below: (Timestamped)