A couple of months back we spoke to Rhyan LaMar, Fern, Angie Rose, and Jadi about their involvement in the film ‘North of the 10’. The four of them, along with producer Mod G, also worked on the creation of the track Pa’Mi Gente (Remix). One of the highlights of the conversations was talking about Christian artists and their growing influence in mainstream music, film, and culture. What once was “taboo” is now commonplace, and these creatives are crushing it.

“Nah, it’s no taboo. We’re just artists, we’re creatives like anyone,” said Fern of the Social Club Misfits. “You’re favorite creative like Wesley Snipes or whatever, I don’t know what his religion is. I don’t need people to just jump at me and stereotype me for my religion. Obviously, I love Jesus, but if I’m a creative, I might want to do all types of things…”

The rapper plays a comedic role toward the end of the ‘North of the 10’ film and he also played a part in LaMarr’s other film ‘Canal Street’. He loves acting and is also involved with both films’ soundtracks.

“We’re all being respected in all different aspects of the market. We’ve made our mark. Shout out to all the big guys who’ve come before us. It’s time for Christians to normalize in the industry. At the end of the day, we want to work too…I never want to get on the set and ask, ‘What’s your religion’?”

He continued, “I got dreams and goals I aspire for, Lord if it’s meant for me to do those things.”

Jadi also plays a small role in the film as well. “Pa’ Mi Gente” was originally her song with Mod G, and she explained that the style and vibe meshed well with what LaMarr was doing with his film. The song was selected for the soundtrack, and Rhyan, Fern, and Angie were added to it for a remix. The music video even features George Lopez. She is now enjoying being able to be a Christian whose influence moves beyond the “Christian box” placed on artists with this kind of platform.

“They don’t know you’re a Christian just by walking up to you. They see you’re part of the movie and somewhere along the line you are having a conversation and you mention Jesus, or they hear your music, or they see you on social media…it speaks volumes,” Jadi said, referring to her time at the various movies premieres she’s done for the film. “I dislike when you place someone in a box and you say, ‘they’re Christian, they can’t do this or that’…you can’t tell me there’s one thing I can’t do because I’m Christian…my lifestyle is going to be reflective of anything I do. I’m reflecting Jesus in everything I do. I’m done with that taboo…”

Rose said she had a lot to say regarding this too and has already seen herself in some of these spaces beyond working with Rhyan LaMarr.

“You’re never going to see me force myself into being a Christian because I AM A Christian. Never going to see me be like ‘Make sure you know I’m Latina’ you’re going to know. You’re going to see. Before we start something, we’re going to pray,” she said. “None of it shifts who I am. I think that us learning to stand in our real identity, not putting a Christian hat on, but this is my real DNA, I think that’s what’s breaking the taboo…then you kill it for the kingdom.”

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