We’re dropping our best submitted Christian rap picks in one post. Then we want YOU, the audience, to pick which of these songs was your favorite for the day. At the end of the month, we’ll compile a list of all the winners and they’ll be added to the New Christian rap Songs Daily! This is Hot or Not!

Voting is open until April 28th end of day EST. DO NOT SPAM VOTES. One vote per person.

Caleb Taylor – 3 Year Song (Trilogy W/ Rhyan LaMarr & Bryan Andrew Wilson)

Chris Shaun – Blood


Haynza – RIP 2 ME

Kyle Alexander – In My Zone

Matt Van Sol – A Word in The Word

Reblah, Shirlvin Desir & J1W – Messiah

TC – Little Saint ft. Hugh Holla & BRM

Tomi Abdon – NEW BODY

Which of these Hot or Not songs is your favorite?