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A Timeline of Every Christian Hip-Hop Dove Award Winner

A Timeline of Every Christian Hip-Hop Dove Award Winner

We all know the stories of how the Christian Rap community feels the Dove Awards have represented them over the years. Just like the mainstream Grammy Awards, when hip-hop was rising to prevalence in the 80s, they just didn’t know what to do with it. Furthermore, the acceptance of Hip-Hop, especially by the church, would not come until years later.

While CHH had been around in the mid-80s with pioneers such as Stephen Wiley, Michael Peace, S.F.C., P.I.D., D-Boy, and so on, they never got their shine. In fact, the first Rap Dove Award went to a song that just “kind of” had a rap part. From there on it, the Awards were dominated by the TobyMac-led rap/pop/rock hybrid of DC Talk.

After that, there was a bit of a lull in dominance, and then eventually KJ-52 would pick up the mantle, and in modern times Reach Records artists carry the torch.

Looking back at the last 30 years of awards is pretty eye-opening. Some of these names you would have never heard of. Some of the names aren’t even hip-hop, and some of the wins aren’t even for the best songs on an artist’s album. Nevertheless, here is every award given out to an artist whose music had a hip-hop background to it.

*NOTE* After about 2007, TobyMac’s music fell out of the realm of hip-hop, so we stopped including him.

Dove Award Recipients for RAP/HIP HOP RECORDED SONG:

(Listed by year, song title, artist, & writers. In italics is album name)

1991 “IT’S TIME”; The Winans; Marvin Winans, Carvin Winans, Teddy Riley, Bernard Bell; Warner Alliance
1992 “I LOVE RAP MUSIC”; DC TALK; Toby McKeehan, Jackie Gore; YO! ForeFront
1993 “CAN I GET A WITNESS?”; DC TALK; Toby McKeehan; YO! ForeFront
1994 “SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE”; Free at Last; DC TALK; Toby McKeehan, Mark Heimermann; ForeFront
1995 “LUV IS A VERB”; DC TALK; Toby McKeehan, Mark Heimermann, George Cocchini; ForeFront
1996 “R.I.O.T. (Righteous Invasion of Truth”; Carman; Carman, Tommy Sims; Sparrow
1997 “TAKE BACK THE BEAT”; Church of Rhythm; Church of Rhythm; Max Hsu, Jason Gregory, Nathan Clair, Carlton Coleman; Reunion
1998 “JUMPING IN THE HOUSE OF GOD”; Revived; World Wide Message Tribe; Andy Hawthorne, Zarc Porter, Lee Jackson, Justin Thomas; Warner Alliance
1999 “PLAGIARISM”; Factors of the Seven; Grits; T.Carter, S.Jones, T. Collins, R. Robbins; Gotee Records
2000 “THEY ALL FALL DOWN”; Grammatical Revolution; Grits; T Carter, S Jones, R Robbins, O Price; Gotee
2001 “All Around the World”; Power; Raze; Ja’Marc Davis, Zarc Porter, Mark Pennells; ForeFront Records
2002 “Somebody’s Watching Me”; Momentum; TobyMac; Toby McKeehan, Michael-Anthony Taylor, Rockwell; ForeFront
2003 “All Around The World”; Fault Is History; Souljahz; Joshua Washington, Je’kob Washington & Rachael Washington, Chris Rodriquez; Warner Brothers
2004 “Believe”; The Art of Translation; Grits, Jennifer Knapp; Teron Carter, Stacy Jones, Kene Bell, Otto Price; Gotee Records
2005 “Hittin’ Curves”; Dichotomy A; Grits; Teron Carter, Stacy Jones, Otto Price, S. Moss; Gotee Records
2006 “Trainwreck”; Bullet; Mat Kearney; Mat Kearney, Robert Marvin; Inpop Records
2007 “Never Look Away” Behind The Musik (a boy named jonah); KJ-52 featuring Brynn Sanchez; John Sorrentino, Aaron Sprinkle; BEC Recordings
2008 “Name Droppin” Bone-Appetit Servin’ Up Tha Hits; T-Bone; Rene F. Sotomayor, Teak Underdue, Dee Underdue; Flicker Records
2009 “Do Yo Thang” The Yearbook; KJ-52; Jonah Sorrentino; BEC Recordings/Uprok
2010 “Movin'” Group 1 Crew, Jeremy James, Byron Chambers, Christopher Stevens
2011 “Walking on the Stars” Outta Space Love; Group 1 Crew; Manwell Reyes, Pablo Villatoro, Andy Anderson; Fervent Records/Word Records
2012 “Hallelujah” Lecrae; LeCrae Moore, Charles Cornelius, Joseph Prielozny, Nelson Chu; Reach Records
2013 “Tell The World” Lecrae ft. Mali Music; Lecrae Moore, Kortney Pollard, Torrance “Street Symphony” Esmond, Charles Dunlap, Lincoln Morris
2014 “100” KB (ft. Andy Mineo); Kevin Burgess, Andy Mineo, Lasanna “ACE” Harris, Joseph Prielozny
2015 “All I Need is You” Lecrae; (writers) Lecrae Moore, Dustin “Dab” Bowie, Latasha Williams, Chris Mackey, Joseph Prielozny
2016 “Uncomfortable” Andy Mineo; (writers) Gabriel Azucena, Ramon Ibanga Jr., Gabriel Lambirth, Andy Mineo, Kortney Pollard, Joseph Prielozny
2017 “Oh Lord” NF; (writers) Nate Feuerstein, David Garcia
2018 “War Cry (ft. Tauren Wells)” Social Club Misfits; (featured artist) Tauren Wells; (writers) Andrew Wells, David Frank, Fernando Miranda, John Thomas Roach, Martin Santiago, Tommee Profitt
2019 “Fight for Me” GAWVI; (writers) Gabriel Azuenca, JRaul Garcia, Matt Cohen, Lecrae Moore
2020 Follow God Kanye West; (Writer) Kanye West

Dove Award Recipients for RAP/HIP HOP ALBUM:

(Listed by year, album, artist, producers, label)

1991 NU THANG; DC TALK; Toby McKeehan; Mark Heimermann; T.C.; YO! ForeFront
1992 MIKE-E AND THE G-RAP CREW; Mike-E; Mike-E, Jet Penix, Cedric Caldwell; Reunion
1993 GOOD NEWS FOR THE BAD TIMEZ; Mike-E; Mike-E, Jet Penix; Reunion
1996 CHURCH OF RHYTHM; Church Of Rhythm; Peter Bunetta, Rick Chudacoff; Reunion
1997 ERACE; The Gotee Brothers; The Gotee Brothers; Gotee
1998 REVIVED; World Wide Message Tribe; Zarc Porter; Warner Alliance
1999 HEATSEEKER; The World Wide Message Tribe; Zarc Porter; Warner Resound
2000 POWER; Raze; Tedd Tjornham, Quinlan, Zarc Porter; ForeFront
2001 The Plan; Raze; Michael-Anthony Taylor, Tedd Tjornhom; ForeFront Records
2002 Momentum; TobyMac; TobyMac, Michael-Anthony Taylor, Pete Stewart, Jeff Savage, Randy Crawford, Todd Collins; ForeFront
2003 The Art Of Translation; GRITS; Teron Carter, Stacey Jones, Ric Robbins, Otto Price, Kenne Bell; Gotee
2004 It’s Pronounced Five Two; KJ-52; Todd Collins; Uprok Records
2005 Welcome to Diverse City; tobyMac; Toby McKeehan, Christopher Stevens, Paul Meany, Solomon Olds, Joe Baldridge, Jeff Savage, Robert Marvin, Josiah Bell, Max Hsu, Michael Linney; ForeFront Records
2006 Behind the Musik; KJ-52; Aaron Sprinkle, Todd Collins, Tedd T., KJ-52; BEC Recordings/Uprok Records
2007 Remixed KJ-52; KJ-52, Aaron Sprinkle, Joseph A. Kisselburgh, Funky DJ Pablo; BEC Recordings
2008 Group 1 Crew Group 1 Crew; Christopher Stevens, Andy Anderson; Fervent Records
2009 Ordinary Dreamers Group 1 Crew; Andy Anderson, Christopher Stevens, Sam Mizell; Fervent Records
2010 Five Two Television KJ-52
2011 Outta Space Love Group 1 Crew; David Garcia, Andy Anderson, Christopher Stevens; Fervent Records/Word Records
2012 Rehab: The Overdose Lecrae;
Torrance Esmond, Kadence, Tony ÒStoneÓ Shepherd, D-Flow (Thebrassman), Dunlap Exclusive, CheeseBeats, Joseph Prielozny, PK, DJ Official; Reach Records
2013 Gravity Lecrae; Heat Academy, Joseph Prielozny, J.R., The Watchmen, Dru Castro, Uford Ebong, Tyshane, DJ Official, Rudy Currence
2014 Never Land Andy Mineo; Joseph Prielozny, Alex Medina, Tyshane Thompson, Gabriel Azucena, Ray Castro, Dre Garcia, Alex Hitchens, Courtney Peebles
2015 Anomaly Lecrae (producers) Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, Street Symphony, S1, J. Rhodes, 808XEliTE, GAWVI, Nate Robinson, Mashell, Derek Minor, Vohnbeatz, Lasanna “Ace” Harris, Alex Medina, Jaquebeatz
2016 Therapy Session NF (producers) Tommee Profitt, David Garcia, The720
2017 The Waiting Room Trip Lee (producers) Gabriel Azucena, James Foye III, John McNeil, Joel McNeil, Alex Medina, Allen Swoope, Almondo Cresso, Chris Mackey, Joseph Prielozny, Tyshane Thompson
2018 Today We Rebel KB; (producers) Benjamin Backus, Blair Andre “Supe” Atkinson, Chris “Dirty Rice” Mackey, Clinton “Halo Hitz” Lightfoot, D. Hood, David L. Baker, Dominique Hubbard, Deon On The Track, G Roc, Howard Reeves, Jacob Cardec, Joseph Prielozny, Juice Bangers, Mykallife, Natalie Sims, Scootie, William Josiah
2019 Let the Trap Say Amen Lecrae & Zaytoven; (producer) Zaytoven
2020 MOOD // DOOM Social Club Misfits; (Producers) Young Sidechain, Dirty Rice, Cardec, Ben Lopez, Colby Wedgeworth, Tedd Tjornhom, Martin Santiago, Dave James, Rey King, Jordan Sapp


(Listed year, title, artist, producers, label)

1992 “RAP, ROCK & SOUL” DC TALK; Deaton-Flanigen; Deaton-Flanigen; ForeFront
1993 “ADDICTED TO JESUS” Carman; Stephen Yake; Stephen Yake; Benson


2019 Aaron Cole; (label) Gotee Records


1997 JESUS FREAK DC Talk; Toby McKeehan, Mark Heimermann, John Painter; ForeFront

*Still had hip-hop influences on the album*


(Listed by year, title, album, artist, producers, label)

1994 “JESUS IS JUST ALRIGHT” Free At Last; DC TALK; Arthur Reynolds; ForeFront
1996 “JESUS FREAK” Jesus Freak; DC Talk; Toby McKeehan, Mark Heimermann; ForeFront
2006 “The Slam” Welcome to Diverse City; tobyMac featuring T-Bone; Toby McKeehan, Christopher Stevens, Joe Weber, T-Bone; Forefront Records

*All of these songs had rap in them*


(Listed by title, artist, producers, label)

1997 “JESUS FREAK” dc Talk; Steve Strachen; Simon Maxwell; ForeFront
1998 “COLORED PEOPLE” dc Talk; Mars Media; Lawrence Carroll; Forefront/Virgin
2001 “Rock the Party (Off the Hook)” P.O.D.; Angela Jones; Marcos Siega; Atlantic Records
2003 “Irene” tobyMac; Alex Moon; Rick Kim; ForeFront
2008 “Boomin'” TobyMac; Scott Speer; Jason Peterson; Symbolic Entertainment; Forefront Records
2015 “You Can’t Stop Me” Andy Mineo, (director & producer) Kyle Dettman
2018 “I’ll Find You” (ft. Tori Kelly) Lecrae; (featured artist) Tori Kelly; (director) Mike Mihail; (producers) Danny Majic, DJ Frank E


1996 “JESUS FREAK” DC TALK Mark Heimermann, Toby McKeehan; Fun Attic Music (ASCAP), Up In The Mix Music (BMI)


(Listed by year, title, artist, producers, label)

1998 GOD’S PROPERTY FROM KIRK FRANKLIN’S NU NATION God’s Property; Kirk Franklin; B’Rite Music
2003 (*TIE*) This Is Your Life; Out of Eden; Lisa Kimmey, Donnie Scantz, Jaimie Portee, Nate Clemmons; Gotee

Fault Is History
; Souljahz; Tonex, Chris Rodriguez; Warner Brothers


1996 DC TALK
2015 Lecrae, Reach Records

So what do you think of this Dove Awards timeline?


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