If you blinked, you missed it. A few months back, Culture Villains artist Big Yae briefly appeared on Pen Game 101 as a guest with CZAR Josh to talk about their track together “East Georgia Minded.” The song is from LongLiveUs by Josh.

Back at the beginning of 2020, Yae made a post on Instagram that announced his departure from music.


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So his appearance on Josh’s track was a nice welcome for his fans and it also means something else…

“Yeah I’m back. I guess you can say I’m back” Yae said on Pen Game.

“I have a bunch of songs I’m just creating…I’m ready to put some stuff out there for ya’ll,” the artist said.

His last project was 2019’s Young Gohan which was a well-rounded 17-track album that was carried predominantly by him.

Toward the end of last year, he dropped a SoundCloud exclusive track “Mike Vick.”

Watch Big Yae Below (time-stamped to him speaking):