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Vert Mob Explain How They Focus Their Music & Ministry to the Streets

Vert Mob is a rap group comprised of Scootie Wop, BigBreeze, GodFearin’, and TJ Carroll. There are not many forces in Christian rap that are as well equipped to minister to the streets as these young artists are. They know where they came from, and they want to bring people out of it.

In an interview with them, they were asked bout the reason they make the music they do and why.

Scootie Wop:

It’s not about us getting the fame, the clout, the notoriety, the accolades…it’s about us showing people who’s above us and responsible for all of the success we have. It’s about going into those inner cities and pulling people out of those places where they couldn’t make it out of. Just staying loyal and faithful to God even in the hardest times when the motion doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere. We still are going to stand firm and planted in His word. We know God called us to do something. That’s the drive. Can’t nobody take that from us either. 


Just to impact the younger generation. We want to step up and be leaders. There’s a lot of young guys that’s misguided, on their way to prison, on their way to death, selling drugs, mistreating women…We just want to show them…We want to bring a positive approach to mentor them in worship, ministry, guidance, and a better direction for the kids out there.

Watch Vert Mob Below (bookmarked 17:45 mark)

Listen to Vert Music 2 Below:

Justin Sarachik

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