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‘North of the 10’ by Rhyan LaMarr Hits No. 1 Spot on BET+; Director Talks TV Series & Film Creation

Last month director, producer, and artist Rhyan LaMarr dropped his “secular” movie North of the 10 on BET Plus, and this Christian man, along with a whole crew of other Believers, watched as the blessings came in. What was it might you ask? North of the 10 was the No. 1 most-streamed movie on BET Plus, and it wasn’t even close. “It’s surreal, we were No. 1 and 500,000 streams below us was No. 2,” he said. “I can’t even fathom 500,000 people watching it, and yet it was much higher because that number was just the second-place film.” &

That number was just in one day and it’s not the total views which were well over a million.

For several weeks leading up to the release of the movie, the cast and crew were campaigning hard across some of the country’s biggest cities. Next month, those people head overseas to see what the rest of the globe thinks of North of the 10.

“No idea what an international audience will think of my comedy,” LaMarr admitted. “It’ll be relatable to Muslim and Arabic and Christian communities.”

One of the main plots of the film follows a character played by Stephanie Nur who is from a wealthy Muslim family in Abu Dhabi. In fact, the whole final act of the movie takes place in the country.

LaMarr and company, are going to be taking some 18-hour flights and spending around a month outside of the States.

The Director then explained how a film idea is birthed and then created into the final product on screen.

“Once you get in your bag and are creatively confident – me, my writing partner Jon Knitter and Adam Key…we throw stuff at the wall, and throw ideas together. People are confident in us so there’s no one else to go back with.”

He stated North of the 10 had 27 versions, and then another 15 before shooting started, and then there were revisions as the shooting was happening. It was an evolving story and since it was a comedy, much of the scripting was spur of the moment.

“A lot of the stuff and lines were thrown out at the moment and they [actors] made them funnier,” he said. This allowed him to to have even more life in his script as he questioned, “Am I funny?”

He continued, “You don’t always come up with the best ideas while in the room.”

Rhyan LaMarr always gives credit to people who step out on a limb and make movies.

“It’s really hard, almost impossible to make a bad movie. It is even more impossible to make an okay movie. You have to be pulling LeBron James, Michael Jordan in his prime numbers to do an amazing movie,” said the filmmaker.

He continued, “A lot of times people write off a director or producer. It’s a lot of work to make a movie. You don’t see all the hours that just go into one scene. I’m talking about conception of it from writing and developing, to the shooting of it, the editing of it, the coloring of it, and that’s just one scene. Now, to make a whole movie…that’s why I never say there are bad movies. Because when you’re a director, you know.”

After they finish completely promoting the movie globally, the next plan of attack is turning this ensemble cast film into a series.

“We are going to take this movie and turn it into a TV Show at Paramount,” he said. “Just creating a social influencer version of the Rat Pack. Taking Hollywood to go against the grain.”

North of the 10 is a comedy-infused drama that sees five best friends become social media influencers to help that “one friend” get the girl. You’ll get to see them travel across the globe, make fools of themselves, and have redeeming moments. The character chemistry is unmatched and you’ll be sure to laugh out loud. 

Watch Rhyan LaMarr Below:

Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

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