H.U.R.T. RPH Faces Up to 15 Years in Prison for Crime He Didn’t Commit

Christian rap artist H.U.R.T. RPH (Jemarr Vincent) is facing up to 15 years in prison for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Vincent says it’s a case of mistaken identity that has him heading to the courts to fight for his freedom.

“Apparently the day before a guy got robbed and somebody pulled a gun on him and took his cellphone while in his driveway,” he explained, learning the details from the paperwork. “The next day, I’m at Carls Jr., the guy sees me, says, ‘Oh, that’s the guy that robbed me yesterday’. The police come, bring me to jail and bring the guy, the first time there he said it wasn’t me. Then they asked him again and, he said, ‘Ok, yeah it’s him’.”

He then claims that police did “some weird stuff” in the paperwork to try and insinuate there was a confession. “I didn’t confess to anything I didn’t do.”

The last deal they offered him was 12 years. The max Vincent can receive if he goes to trial and loses is 15 years. The years are that high because he has a previous felony on his record, so it was a “gun enhancement charge.”

At the moment he is out on bail. He was brought to jail on January 28th with the arrest happening in Perris, California. His first court day was last Thursday and his next one is in May.

Vincent maintains that he was with family members on the day of the incident and they can confirm his whereabouts.

At the moment, H.U.R.T. RPH has started a GoFundMe (here) to raise money for legal fees and for bail.

“Pray, spread the word, if whoever actually knows me wants to write character letters or knows of what God is doing in my life,” he said. “I believe that God allowed all this to happen so that I can be a voice for the voiceless at this time for a reason.”

He comes from an area where 98% of arrests lead to a conviction. There have been others in his situation, and he’s blessed to have the resources and community backing him that others may not have.

Above all, if unable to donate, stream his album on any of its available platforms because that money can be added to the total he’s trying to raise. He is ministry-minded and is hoping his music can bless you even in this rough time for himself.

Keep Jemarr Vincent in your prayers, and pray that justice is served to the one who truly did the crime.

Listen to his latest album Maps below:

Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

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