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Why Did Donald Trump Present Unity Award at We Love Christian Music Awards?

Last week, we dropped part one of our interview with Kevin McNeese, the founder of New Release Today, and the We Love Christian Music Awards. He spoke about Christian music excellence and surviving in today’s climate. Today, the elephant in the room gets tackled – How and why was Donald Trump involved in the We Love Awards?

The announcement of Trump’s involvement with the Christian Music Award show was surprising to all those in attendance, to say the least. Most found out a little while before when it was placed on social media. As one would imagine, a flurry of comments went back and forth on the NRT and WLA accounts. This was expected…

“I was anticipating not a lot of conversation, a lot of yelling, a lot of name-calling, and to be honest that’s exactly what we want to encourage with this,” said Kevin McNeese. “A lot of people think it’s politics, and it’s not, it’s a guy in politics introducing his friend Alveda King who is receiving an award for her desire to come together in faith and family and rise above division.”

The award being presented by Trump was the Unity Award and the recipient was Alveda King. Who is she you ask? Well, she’s a revered, politician, activist, and the niece of Martin Luther King Jr.

“Words like unity and division, you can’t even say that anymore without it causing division,” said the founder.

Apparently, this combination of Trump presenting for King was in the works for a bit, but understandably, when dealing with high-profile people, things tend to shift quickly. The inclusion caused a bit of a rift between people involved with the event.

“The only real conversation or movement in this has been the last week and it involved 45-minute conversations on the phone and an hour and a half conversation on the phone where we listen and talk to each other and we get to the end and we say ‘Okay, we’re not on the same page at all’.”

People involved in these conversations oftentimes were those on the staff who debated even wanting to be part of the event.

“The encouragement and decision from all of us was, ‘This has to start here, with us in the church’. It has to start with anyone who’s part of a faith-filled walk. We have to understand that divisions are always going to be there in any area and no matter how hard, we got to come together.”

McNeese wanted to act on it because “That’s easy to say. I think we’ll all say that.”

“When forced with such, for some, a very painful decision, I hear that, but for them to go, I’m still going to show up and we’re going to rock this together is exactly the message we want to send and encourage people to do the same,” he admitted.

The blowback and pushback to the news were powerful. A quick glance at the Instagram below will show that.


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A pastor in Georgia sent a page and half email about how horrible Kevin McNeese is. For himself, it changed nothing.

“It’s not going to happen on social media, but it can happen in a one-on-one hearing each other and listening to each other and sometimes going, ‘I get it, you don’t believe the way I do, that’s ok, I still love you, and let’s go find some higher calling to work towards’. I hope people get that out of this. And some people won’t,” he stated.

Without diving into it, Donald trump’s presidency was one of the most divisive issues in America in the recent present. In many ways, even with President Biden, it’s still a topic of discussion. If the We Love Awards has Biden give an award next year, what would the comments say? McNeese would welcome it.

“If any leader of the free world wants to endorse our brand, I say yes to that immediately. Let’s figure out a way to make it happen.”

He keeps it in stride and says, “For every vitreal reaction, we know that some we say you guys are awesome.”

Watch the interview, bookmarked to Donald Trump part below:

Alveda King accepting award with Trump’s introduction:

Interview with Alveda King:

What do you think?

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Written by Justin Sarachik

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