Brinson Shares Who He’d like to See a Christian Rap Documentary on

A few months back we spoke to Brinson at one of the Mic Drop premieres in Tulsa, OKC. The veteran of hip-hop even has his own Godchaserz documentary dropping soon too.

He was asked what other Christian rap moments or people deserve their stories to be told on film.

“The 95 South Tour with Corey Red, Precise, Richie Righteous, Minister Zion…that need coverage,” said Brinson. “I’d never been to Rap Fest, but the stories I’ve heard from Rap Fest sound amazing. The journies of Pettidee and Knine.”

He even mentioned the story of Jahaziel, even though he isn’t in the faith anymore because of the work he was able to do for CHH.

Brinson is able to bridge the gap between the old school and the new school through his own music. He says on every album he tries to have for example a Steven Malcolm and a Pettidee because “I know I still have a really good reach and fanbase. I want to show them who is before me and who is coming up now.”

The rapper continued, “I think of myself as a connector. I say, ‘hey, this guy’s dope, you need to link with them’.”

Watch Brinson Below:

Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

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