A few weeks ago, Alveda King was presented with the Unity Award at the We Love Christian Music Awards thrown by New Release Today. The presenter of the award was former President Donald Trump which caused a huge amount of controversy surrounding the event.

King, who is the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., and is also a Reverend, politician, and activist, explained the whole experience.

“When I heard he was going to do it I was speechless for a while and I’m a public speaker, so that’s hard for me,” King revealed. “I couldn’t fathom it…when I saw it, I had tears for being so genuine. That’s the way our relationship is. We’re friends.”

She said it was even more amazing because it was with the We Love Music Awards and she’s a singer/songwriter/producer, just not in the industry.

“Music really can unify people,” she stated. “My momma said, we can’t all talk together but we can all sing together. If the words are healing words, those frequencies will make a difference in the atmosphere.”

When asked about the controversy because people don’t necessarily equate unity with Donald Trump – Why do you think the word ‘unity’ has become such a divisive term?

“Evil forces know that when we unify, there’s victory. There’s unity and servility,” she shared. “When we can harmoniously just talk, maybe not agree, let’s agree to try and understand where we are both coming from.”

She continued, “God’s not a Democrat, God’s not a Republican, and God’s not an Independent. Some things are right and righteous regardless of the political party just because they are.”

To read about why the We Love Christian Music Awards selected King and trump for Unity, read here.

Watch Alveda King Below (bookmarked 14:35):