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5 Christian Rap Artists You May Not Have Heard Yet (Luc’s Picks March 2022)

Three months in and the excellence on display in Christian rap has not let up. If you saw my top ten list from the last two months, you will recognize some people in this list I am sharing today. Take a listen, I hope you enjoy these as I did!

Samantha White

Hailing from Boston, she’s been around for a while, but I recently heard her on the FCA New York Mixtape and knew I had to put her on this list! Follow her on Spotify to stay up on new music!

JC Kroupa

One of my favorite new listens this year, I had a friend send me JC’s music at the beginning of last month. I dig the production and the confidence in the performances throughout. JC is very versatile and has a few different pockets he’s pulling styles from. Check out his Spotify

Ayye Kev

There were some sneaky bangers on this album. I already had this in my top 10 CHH albums of 2022 so far, but I’m trying to make sure people start listening to him! Go check it out on Spotify.

Drika Will

Drika’s had a few singles in the last year that I keep coming back to. I really appreciate the effortless flow. She dropped this one at the end of last year, follow her on Spotify to catch what’s next.

Christ Jr

Another artist who just dropped an album at the top of this year. The trap sound can sometimes get played out, but with songs like the one below, I don’t care. It’s catchy and fun just like the visual. Christ Jr’s Spotify

Had you heard all of these Christian rap artists before? Who should I feature next month?

Luc DiMarzio

Written by Luc DiMarzio

Luc has been a fan of CHH for 30 years, and has been writing about it for just over 4 years. He has a huge passion for amplifying the underground of CHH.

When he's not bumpin hip-hop, you can catch him leading worship at his local church, rooting on the Chicago Cubs with his wife, or swimming with his kids.

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