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5 Underappreciated Christian Rap Artists (Kev’s Corner)

In hip hop and in Christian rap, we are sometimes bombarded with unimaginative displays of duplicate renditions. It’s always a breath of fresh air to hear an artist who brings something exciting to the table. These are a few artists I’ve been watching for a while.


Known by some as the brother of Rapzilla freshman 350, A3 is an artist in his own right. With a strong fashion sense and vulnerable music, I believe his future is bright. His recent music has taken a pop direction and his project “Hear the Heavens” is on the way. You can follow him on Spotify here.

Check out “God Fearin”

Emanuel Da Prophet

With a raw sound that will reach the church as well as the street, Emanuel da Prophet’s music is compelling. While his sense of humor comes through in his lyrics, he is uncompromising in his testimony for Jesus. You can check out his recent EP here.

Check out the video for “Holy Steppin”


With an undeniable swagger and confident delivery, LouiOnTen is a force to be reconned with. Dropping a continuous stream of impactful songs, I’m surprised more people don’t know about Louie on Ten but I’m sure that will change soon. You can check out his Spotify here.

Here is his video for “As long as I live”

Ray Knowledge

Known for his prowess as a director, Ray Knowledge has shot the music videos of many artists you know. Displaying the same attention to detail, he paints a vivid picture with his music as well. I remember the days when I used to ask him when he was going to drop more music, now it seems like he’s dropping a new song every month. Check him out on Spotify here.

Here is the video for his song “Declined”


Representing the UK, Rapzilla Freshman Konola has a unique sound that you need to hear. The energy of Gospel Drill cannot be denied and he is at the forefront. With a voice and intensity you will remember, he conveys a powerful authority reminding believers who they are in Christ. Check out his Spotify here.

Here’s the video for his song “Rocket”

Which of these Christian rap artists do you like the most?

Kevan Banks
Kevan Banks
Kevan Banks, known as Kev In The Corner, is a music lover and guest coordinator for Trackstarz.


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