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5 Christian Rap Artists and Producers from Canada (Part 2)

Christian Rap has expanded all over the globe. Needless to say, there are some dope international artists and producers that deserve the spotlight. In this article, we highlight some from Canada. Check out Part 1 here.

The Journalist

The Journalist is a rapper from Caronport, Saskatchewan who has been rapping for 25 years and releasing music since 2007. He was always interested in rap and started writing at an early age. Journalist is also a skilled freestyler which he started doing in Grade 9. Eventually, he started performing at open mic nights in the city of Regina where he was able to connect with the 2-time-Grammy nominee, Fresh I.E, which allowed him the opportunity to collaborate and record his debut project Fresh Entry.

Journalist’s proudest moments include rapping at the Youth Quake Conference which is one of the biggest conferences in Western Canada, releasing his debut EP Genuine Article last year, mentoring artists such as Scribe Music, and winning Speak Life Radio’s freestyle competition twice. 

He is hoping to release a couple of singles this year and his goals include growing his online ministry, especially his weekly Instagram Lives “Reporting Live,” mentoring more people, and collaborating with more artists and producers. Follow The Journalist on Instagram

Liam Bushey

Liam Bushey is a 16-year-old producer from Alberta who has been making music for about 5 years. He started watching YouTube videos of producers making beats on their MPC’s which intrigued him to work off Garageband on his phone. After countless Garageband tutorials, he discovered Internet Money’s beat-making videos on FL Studio which made him switch over allowing him to embrace his creativity and learn new techniques.

Liam credits OnBeat Music as the main reason he is where he’s at today. OB’s motivation and guidance convinced Liam and his father to get a new laptop and FL Studio to pursue music production.

Liam has produced for artists like Nu Tone, Outr Cty, Xay Hill, Big Breeze, Relena-Rochelle, Scootie Wop, and much more.

His greatest accomplishments include winning Producer Of The Night and Producer Of The Month on Rapzilla Critique Fridays and winning multiple Song Of The Night’s on records he produced for Nu Tone.

Liam’s goals include working with artists such as nobigdyl. and 1K Phew and joining the Internet Money team. Follow Liam Bushey on Instagram


Chiwaz is an African artist who currently resides in Winkler, Manitoba. He has been releasing music since August of last year but has been involved in the entertainment industry since high school. He knew he was a talented singer and started leading worship at his church. Outside of church, he started a band and they released their first CD locally.

Chiwaz entered the music industry as a concert promoter and moved to Canada in 2015 but wasn’t involved in the music creation process anymore. In 2018, he felt God push him back into music-making and he spent the next couple of years studying music. He released his first single “Now or Never” in 2021 and since then dropped a couple more records.

Chiwaz’s proudest moments include hosting concerts in Africa and helping bring out artists such as 116 Clique and Da Truth which introduced CHH to the African youth, following God’s calling and taking a step into making music, and being a part of the CHH community and building relationships with the people involved.

He has a strong passion for building the Kingdom alongside his peers and loves Jesus, family, and people. He is currently working on big collaborations with artists and his goals are to drop 5 tracks this year and work on a worship project that takes people back to church. Follow Chiwaz on Instagram

Austin Knoll

Austin Knoll is a 17-year-old producer from Waterloo, Ontario who has been producing since 2018. He grew up playing the drums and has always had an interest in beat-making. He eventually branched into hip-hop and started making beats on his mom’s iPhone until he was able to purchase a MIDI keyboard and FL studio and grind from there.

Austin has produced for artists such as Shiwan, Cyrus Sonata, King Kai, Adam Elijah, and Kemvr.

His proudest moments include winning Premise On The Beat’s beat battle contest, having his beat “Catalyst” gain 200k views on YouTube, hitting 3000 subscribers on YouTube, and making a lot of beat sales.

Austin is currently working on songs with artists such as Scootie Wop, Alano Adan, Cyrus Sonata, Jay Roman, and Jeremiah Emmanuel. His goals include getting placements with nobigdyl., Jon Keith, KB, Vert Mob, and Battz, quitting his part-time job and working on music while finishing school, collaborating with more producers, and making more drum kits. Follow Austin Knoll on Instagram

Chris Oaks

Chris Oaks is an artist from Toronto, Ontario but he was raised in New Jersey. He has been making music since he was 12-years-old but stopped in 2012 when he got saved and picked it up again in 2018. Chris got into rap at a young age, freestyling in the school cafeteria in New Jersey which he got good at as he practiced. One of his friends got him into the recording process at a record label, however, at 16 he had to move to Canada, losing all his contacts in the process, he had to learn the process independently.

In 2012, Chris got involved with drugs and found himself in a dark place until the Lord convicted him and he got saved.

Oaks’ proudest moments include graduating from university when many of his friends from New Jersey weren’t able to, collaborating with CHH artists such as Mvkeyy J, and receiving a 10 from OnBeat Music on Rapzilla’s Critique Friday with his song “Check the Wrist.”

Chris is currently working on an R&B project talking about relationships during quarantine and his goal is to be more committed to releasing music. Follow Chris Oaks on Instagram

Have you heard of these Christian rap artists and producers from Canada? Who else should we include?

Joshua Samuel

Written by Joshua Samuel

Joshua Samuel is an intern at Rapzilla and is currently a student at Metalworks Institute for Audio Engineering and Music Business in Toronto. He is an artist/producer himself who aspires to one day work in the music industry. Samuel enjoys pop culture, so when he is not making music he is catching up on new movies and tv-shows.

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