2022 Rapzilla Freshmen Class List Revealed

The 2022 Rapzilla Freshmen list has arrived! The talent pool for considerations was huge as normal with over 60 prospects. When sorting through the nominations and votes, we tried to be as objective as possible. We also consulted with last year’s 2021 Freshmen Class to have a base list and then we added more.

We narrowed down our selections to ONE rule – artists can’t have any retail music that was released before 2018, or older than four years going forward. Paid streaming platforms like Spotify/Apple Music count as retail.

The fan vote also weighed heavily on our decision too and all the people who voted helped us and picked number 16 for the list.

Lastly, we had 6 artists respectfully decline to be on the list. Moving forward there will be a lot required to be Rapzilla Freshmen including the album, concert, music videos, cyphers, and more. Some were just not able to commit the time or had other understandable reasons and that’s fine.

UPDATE: And to clear up any confusion, the artists who declined were Porsha Love, Caleb Gordon, Henrik, Gabby Callwood, Christopher Syncere & Jude Barclay.

But without further adieu here are the 16 artists picked for our 2022 Rapzilla Freshmen Class list…




C4 Crotona

Eddie Clark



muted mike


NXTMIKE (Fan Vote)

Prodi Da Prodigal


Ray Knowledge


TJ Carroll


And our producer picks are…

Dara JT

Jesse Calentine


wow eli

We are very excited to repeat what we did last year of creating loads of content and an putting on an even bigger event so stay tuned for what’s to come with The 2022 Rapzilla Freshmen Class!

Rapzilla Staff

Written by Rapzilla Staff

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