Every week we compile some of the best Christian Rap songs that are submitted to Rapzilla. Then we ask YOU, the audience to vote! Well, December is here which means the Hot or Not winners for November are here!

All artists on this list are now on the New Christian Rap Songs Daily Playlist. One winner will be selected for the main Rapzilla Playlist.

Phathom – BRING IT ON ft. R-Swift, Phil the Voice, & Many Faces (December 1st)

T.C.O – UNTIL MY LAST BREATH (December 2nd)

Keni – Drowning (December 7th)

Cedar OTL – The AwakeningFreestyle (December 10)

The Barbarians – Barbarism ft. Pastor Charles A.R., Rocka MrEverything, & Monster Tarver (December 14)

Ike Rhythm – Boss Moves (December 20)

Jarred Allstar – God Did It ft. Davina (December 28)

BONUS Winner: Deonte Hall – Favor ft. Porsha Love (December 20)

Which of these Christian Rap artists is your favorite?!