We recently spoke to Chille’ Baby of legendary Christian rap group Gospel Gangstaz. One of the questions we asked him was about getting validation from prominent emcees in mainstream hip-hop.

“It was surprising because when you grow up in the hood you hear the Ice Cube’s, the Snoop’s, the Dre’s…when you next to them and they look at you as a peer it’s a little different,” Chille’ said. “But when you talk about West Coast hip-hop most of them dudes is gangsta. They really from the streets. With us, it was really a true story. You got someone like Coolio, Kurupt, Snoop…they look at us…they tuck us in like everybody else, this is real.”

He then went on to speak about whether artists were really about “that life” in their music.

“Trust me, if you’re in the music game, you’re fake. If you from the West Coast, somebody gonna tell the truth,” he stated. “That’s how it is on the West Coast, it either is or it ain’t. So that was a blessing for us. It was real and they recognized the God in us and they recognized God.”

He continued, “Even though some would say, ‘Chille’ Baby, we all should be doing what you are doing right now. We’re just caught up right here’.”

Watch Chille’ Baby of Gospel Gangstaz Below (2:54 mark):

cover shot by #PhotosByDanniel