AEW Taps Christian Rap Artists for Black History Month Project

Recently, news broke on a new music project All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is working on. In an interview with Danny Ocean, AEW commentator and coach Mark Henry revealed that the company was working on a hip-hop-themed compilation album, scheduled to be released during this upcoming Black History Month.

“AEW’s gonna come out with, during Black History Month, there’s a Hip Hop compilation that’s being put together right now that I think the world is going to really, really love,” The Hall of Pain Inductor said. “I always like to see people in our industry cross-brand and reach out and do things that was not expected of them.”

AEW composer Mikey Rukus took to Twitter to respond to a Fightful post revealing more details of the project. In a short thread, Rukus revealed he had assembled several producers, musicians, rappers, and artists to come together for the project, with the goal of creating music to tell stories for AEW’s black talent, while also celebrating black excellence.

That list would include several artists from the CHH community: Josiah Williams of Wrestle & Flow, the lyrical heavyweight Omega Sparx, Brinson from GodChaserz, E. Quipped and Cutright from the JustHis League. The full lineup includes several AEW wrestlers, nerdcore rapper Mega Ran and a host of others.

Rukus tweeted. “This has been in the works for a while. To give a better understanding. I assembled many familiar producers, musicians, rappers/artists within our pro wrestling space to come together and make amazing music that tells the stories of our black talent. This is a celebration of black excellence. It is pure, authentic storytelling. Each star getting an original song written about their come up. We will press a limited commemorative CD for purchase with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.”

You can read the tweets below:


Written by Richard Cutright

Richard Cutright is a full-time motivational speaker, part time battle rapper and serves as a member of the CHH Ginyu Force, better known as the JustHis League.

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