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5 Underrated Audio Engineers in Christian Rap

There are many stages involved in the song-making process. One of the most important stages is mixing and mastering, which is often overlooked in Christian rap. So here are 5 audio engineers in our space that are changing the game one mix at a time.

Jxhn Pvul

Jxhn Pvul is a Puerto Rican audio engineer from Central Florida. He has been writing songs for the past 20 years and mixing for 16 years. Jxhn started writing music at the age of 10, aspiring to be a rapper. He got his first job at 17 at Ralph Lauren and got a USB mic to record himself, which is where he also started engineering his own songs.

At the age of 18, Jxhn started mixing for other artists which led him to mix screamo metal records, which was the first genre he had ever engineered for someone else. After that project, he started expanding into other genres. His uncle, who was in the music industry pushed him into the hip-hop scene which allowed Jxhn to start engineering hip-hop records.

Jxhn has engineered for many CHH artists including Nic D, V.Rose, 116, and has also produced for Datin, Nic D, and V.Rose. He is also a phenomenal artist and recently dropped his EP surface.

His proudest moments include engineering “Fine Apple” by Nic D which has gone to gain over 30 million streams on Spotify alone. It was also picked up by a label that is known to be critical about engineering but had no complaints about that record. He is also grateful to be able to live off and provide for his family through his passion by working on music full-time.

Jxhn is currently working on a bilingual project with a Spanish artist. His goals are to push the bilingual genre, drop more consistently, collaborate more, and work in unity with artists. Follow Jxhn Pvul on Instagram


AC is an engineer from Houston, Texas, who is currently residing in Atlanta. He has been making music for nine years but has been taking it seriously for about five years. He started with a group of friends who were interested in making music and borrowed his brother’s computer one summer to record a song. Eventually, he got a job to purchase equipment and record artists, charging $10 a song. AC went to college for audio engineering but dropped out because it was getting too expensive when he found himself a studio job and gained his experience, knowledge, and connections from working there for three years. He went full-time as a freelancer in 2018.

AC has engineered for artists like nobigdyl., Aaron Cole, WHATUPRG, Andy Mineo, indie tribe., Rhomar Jessy, Jon Keith, and Wxlf. He is also Aaron Cole and RG’s DJ.

AC’s proudest moments include getting the opportunity to go on the Tobymac “Hits Deep” tour with Aaron Cole, mixing nobigdyl’s LOWERCASE TAPE and “Willy” featuring Andy Mineo, becoming a Billboard engineer through his work on indie tribe.’s UPPERHAND project and Aaron Cole’s “Only You” song, and having the opportunity to mix “PRAISE” by WHATUPRG, Foggieraw, Ty Brasel, Parris Chariz, Not Klyde, 1k Phew, J.Monty, Aha Gazelle, 350 and Kaleb Mitchell.

AC is currently working on projects from artists he has previously worked with. His goal is to put out quality records and set the bar higher in this space. Follow MixedbyAC on Instagram


Aramis is a mastering engineer from Miami, Florida, who is currently in Atlanta. As a child, he played instruments such as drums and keyboard which eventually led him to start producing, recording, and mixing songs as a teen. He started mastering records full-time in his 20’s under his company LASTLVL Mastering. Aramis got into engineering because he wanted to make his beats sound better when he realized he could apply similar techniques to vocals.

He found artists who were struggling with mastering their songs and decided to use his skills to help them. He was a self-taught engineer with prior experience before he attended school for audio engineering, which he attended in order to get a certification for it.

Aramis has mastered records for artists like Aaron Cole, indie tribe., nobigdyl., Andy Mineo and WHATUPRG.

Some of his proudest moments include becoming a Billboard-charting engineer for his work on indie tribe.’s UPPERHAND project, going number 1 on the radio with Aaron Cole’s song “Like You”, hitting number 2 on the iTunes Christian Charts for his work on “Check Your Heart” by Jon Crist, DJ Mykael V, nobigdyl. and 1k Phew, and also gaining five million streams on his own music.

Aramis is currently mastering some upcoming projects that MixedbyAC is working on and he is always looking forward to connecting and working with more artists and engineers. Follow Aramis On Instagram

Cade Legat

Cade is an engineer from Seattle, Washington who has been making music for eight years and mixing music for three years. He started off as a drummer making alternative rock music, playing in a band at church which led him to become a self-taught music producer. He learned how to engineer through mentorship from different engineering friends and started mixing his own music as well as local Seattle and CHH artists.

Cade has engineered for artists such as Lowry, B Gives, Barsnetti, and Convent Bonfires.

His proudest moments include his song “Topo Chico” providing him brand deal opportunities, engineering Convent Bonfires’ album Insecurity, which got him local recognition in Seattle, being able to connect with dope people in the music industry, and working on music full-time.

Cade is currently working with different companies on new music and on Convent Bonfire’s 2nd album. His goals are to get into the sync game, drop a lofi project, and work with bigger CHH artists. Follow Cade Legat on Instagram


Jnotez is an audio engineer from Ohio who is currently residing in Florida who has been producing for 11 years and mixing for four years. He started producing and learning the process of creating music in 2010, after getting saved. Coincidently, a friend of his wanted to get into the music scene but didn’t have any equipment except for a mic and Jnotez had the equipment besides a mic. Naturally, both of them worked together where Jnotez got a taste for the recording and mixing process. Eventually, CHH artists started hitting him up for work.

Jnotez has engineered for artists like Loso, K-see, Azeekah, Swaizy, Xay Hill, BigGucciDame, Anthone Ray, Chris Soul, and LLC Flame. His proudest moments include being part of Azeekah’s journey and seeing him getting signed to Kingdom Muzic, building up artists who were just getting started to gain millions of streams and making money off music, and being able to work on music full-time.

Jnotez is currently working with Azeekah on a project called Conversations which has been a year in the making. His goals are to get back into music production, work with more artists, be versatile by working on other styles of music and make mixing tutorials to help upcoming artists and engineers. Follow Jnotez on Instagram

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Joshua Samuel

Written by Joshua Samuel

Joshua Samuel is an intern at Rapzilla and is currently a student at Metalworks Institute for Audio Engineering and Music Business in Toronto. He is an artist/producer himself who aspires to one day work in the music industry. Samuel enjoys pop culture, so when he is not making music he is catching up on new movies and tv-shows.

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