2021 was an epic year for Christian rap. This year is beginning in a strong way because I just recently happened upon these artists that have been on repeat in my ears the last few weeks. Enjoy and let me know who else I need to hear!


R3G’s debut album Timely Manner just dropped last month, and it was one of those that surprised me. At 16 tracks, it was a little long for my liking, but there were some definite bangers throughout. Looking forward to hearing more from the Ohio artist in 2022. Here’s his Spotify


West London emcee Collistar’s album Geezers Need The Gospel is an album from 2021 that I really enjoyed. You absolutely need to hear Collistar though… this man really can kill a mic. He’s literally insane. Here are some grime freestyles (here and here.) Also, check out his Spotify.

Kalom Montgomery

Another rapper from Ohio, Kalom’s got a worshipper’s heart which is evident in all of his music. I appreciate the samples, the stories, and the life he gives in his music. His Youtube channel is full of dope freestyles and videos posted after serving the local church. Here’s his Spotify

Lil Yelli

Lil Yelli’s debut album drops on January 15th and based on what I’ve seen on socials, it’s gonna be dope. Be on the lookout for that album, titled Nothing Better next week. Here’s his Spotify.

Which of these Christian Rap artists have you heard of?