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Top 10 Most Read Interviews on in 2021


It’s been a long year, but one packed with amazing stories, dialogue, and music. The following list is our Top 10 Most Read Interviews of 2021.

Andy Mineo Featuring Justin Bieber Almost Happened on ‘Never Land 2’

Andy Mineo talked with us about Never Land 2 and in part three of this conversation, we spoke about Justin Bieber’s potential involvement with the project.

The opening track of Mineo’s Never Land 2 is a masterpiece. The track is called “Am I…” and snippets of it have been heard on social media promotions. While working on the track, Justin Bieber tweeted out Andy’s music.

The two began talking and Mineo thought Bieber would sound great on the track.

“At the time he said, ‘If you need something let me know’ and I said, ‘I do, I just don’t know what song’,” explained Mineo.

“I never really figured it out and by the time I had some ideas, the relationship was no longer really there,” shared Mineo. “At the time he was really excited about my music.”

Watch Andy Mineo explain that and the song Below:


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Lecrae is Asked What He’d Want His Legacy to be

Lecrae was a guest on Community During Chaos and one of the final questions he was asked was, “What would you want your legacy to be?” and “After God says, ‘Well done my good and faithful servant’ what would you want the next line to be?”

“I had a moment a couple of years ago where I just broke down…looking through scriptures after Peter had denied Jesus and then went back to fishing and he was cooking. Jesus came to him and said, ‘feed my sheep’.”

He continued, “That’s what I want to know. Obviously, it’s well done [good and faithful servant], but I want to know Lord that I was a good steward. You can’t do it perfectly. There’s so much going on right now. There’s so much happening.”


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Luke Smallbone On How For King & Country Fans Received Lecrae

Luke Smallbone, one half of For King & Country, spoke to Rapzilla about the “Amen Remix” that features Lecrae and Tony Williams. Throughout the interview, he spoke about his relationship with Lecrae and the fan’s reaction.

Luke was asked about the flack and vitriol that Lecrae receives online for being vocal about social issues. Checking the band’s comment section once the collaboration happened was a mixed back with a number of commenters not happy.

“We have this issue in our culture today where if you disagree on certain things you can’t have a conversation or you couldn’t appreciate another person’s thought process,” he said. “I think that’s a little bit dangerous. I’ve got my core beliefs, I’ve got my core thoughts.”

Smallbone then quoted scripture saying “love your neighbor as yourself” and “love the Lord with all your heart” as being the two most important commandments.


Who Was The First Group In Christian Rap History?

At the Mic Drop Movie event and premiere, we had the chance to interview all of the pioneers of Christian rap. After asking Stephen Wiley and Michael Peace about who the first Christian rapper was, the next question was – “Who was the first group?”

Some of the artists shouted out P.I.D., some said S.F.C., but ultimately they all pointed to Soup the Chemist and said “J.C. & the Boyz.”

J.C. & the Boyz were Soup’s first group even before S.F.C. who he’d become more well known for.

Soup explained that the group’s founder David Guzman was hosting a radio show and kept mentioning God. Soup had just got saved and kept calling in and told Guzman that he did “conscious rap” that talked about God. At the time, the term Christian rap wasn’t really a thing.

“That night after his show, he came to my house, and I cut a four-track with him,” said Soup.

After that demo was cut, other members joined the group including brothers Robby and Noel Arthurton who would later become the Dynamic Twins. Poetic Lee, M.C. Peace, and M.C. Scroller (Guzman) were the others.

Fred Lynch of P.I.D. said the time frame of the group was around 86 or 87. He then referenced their album from 1989 Never Give Up. He remembers seeing the promo for it as P.I.D. was starting to form.


Which of these INTERVIEWS was your favorite story from 2021?



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