2021 Rapzilla.com Awards Nominees (Vote Now)

Two years into COVID and political/social unrest and the Christian Rap community still kept moving like business as usual. The year was full of encouraging and inspiring releases from old and new artists all across the board and we want to honor them with our Rapzilla.com Awards once again. It was truly an incredible year. We worked hard to put together a cohesive list of heavy hitters, newer artists, and everyone in between. We know we won’t always get every pick in there, but surely these artists deserve the nominations.

The following list is to honor those in CHH who made great art, had a season of celebration, and made an impact for the future to come. The Rapzilla team, made up of roughly 10 writers and contributors put our heads together to come up with the nominees below.

Voting ends at 5pm EST!

*One vote per person. Multiple votes will not be counted.

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Rapzilla Staff

Written by Rapzilla Staff

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