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Northern Radar (Winter 2022): 5 Canadian Christian Rap Artists Making Waves

The Christian Rap scene in Canada has been steadily growing in recent years. Every quarter we will spotlight a handful of the wavemakers and up-and-coming artists from across the North. This edition features artists hailing from a few of Canada’s CHH hotspots, each with its own distinct sound. Be sure to give some of these artists a follow and check out more of their music if you like what you hear below!

Throne Seekers (Ottawa, ON)

In an era where rap groups are exceedingly rare, the Throne Seekers are carving out a path as a CHH duo to keep your eyes on. Ottawa-based rap artists Jabril and GV dropped their debut EP NARROW PATH in 2018 and instantly made waves in the local music scene. They took a hiatus and returned in 2021 with a series of singles, culminating in the release of their November EP SEASONS.

They can be counted on to deliver messages of confidence, positivity, and faith over melodic flows with high replay value. Their recent music has landed on Spotify and Apple music editorial playlists, and you can catch them on tour in the UK in January 2022.

Apex Frazier (Lindsay, ON)

Lindsay, Ontario artist Apex Frazier has an unmistakable sound and a dedicated and growing fan base. His music is marked by crystal clear delivery that draws attention to the quality of his pen game. He communicates in a down-to-earth, authentic manner that makes you want to pay attention to what he has to say.

In early 2021 he dropped an album MISSIONS AND CONVICTIONS, which unpacked his experience of moving from Virginia to Canada, his battle with muscular dystrophy, and finding his identity in Christ. In the latter part of the year, he released a song every month, with notable features from Raw B, Noah Brown, Coop, and A3 as part of a series exploring different subgenres of hip hop titled Hoodie Raps.

Legacy (Toronto, ON)

Nigerian-born Toronto-based artist Legacy can be counted on to hit listeners with complex rhyme schemes and rapid-fire multi-layered flows. You can tell that he’s hungry, and he’s just hitting his stride. He is one of those emcees who is comfortable spitting over minimalist production that showcases the depth and versatility of his delivery. Unmatched in his work ethic, he has released five full-length albums plus a number of singles in the last two years.

His most recent album LEAP OF FAITH received praise from critics and included features from Scribe Music, Eshon Burgundy, Dru Bex, and J. Crum.

Cole Isaac (Kelowna, BC)

Vancouver native Cole Isaac creates music that is an infectious mix of joy, faith and youthful passion. Each of his recent singles will have you appreciating his lyrical ability, smooth vocals and commitment to artistry. He confidently drops bars over jazz influenced production and often brings in background vocalists to help create music with originality. He genuinely sounds like he is enjoying himself as he reflects on topics like living a life of purpose, relationships, and spiritual growth.

After a string of singles through the summer of 2021, he took the rest of the year off releasing music to focus on his responsibilities as a worship minister at his church.

NamedTobias (Toronto, ON)

Toronto rapper NamedTobias spits lyrics with the unhurried delivery of a veteran of the rap game. In 2021 he was absolutely grinding – he dropped 15 singles leading up to the release of his November EP YOUNG EYES SEE.

He rewards listeners with motivational messages rooted in his unshakeable faith. You can’t listen to his catalog without being encouraged to grow in your faith and keep pushing forward. A respected figure in his local CHH scene, he frequently collaborates with other Toronto artists like DarioDMusic, Veshone, and Terence Penny.

Are you already rocking with any of these Christian Rap artists? Do you know an artist who should be featured in the next article? Let us know in the comments!


Written by Kofi Khae

Kofi Khae has been passionate about Christian Hip Hop for over 20 years. He is a husband, artist, civil servant, and former young adult pastor. When he is not championing the CHH scene in Canada, he is building lego cities with his young kids.

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