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Michael Peace Explains How He Survived without Charging for Shows

We had the privilege of speaking with Christian rap legend Michael Peace as he attended the Mic Drop premiere in Tulsa, OKC. Peace is often thought of as the originator of CHH along with Stephen Wiley. The two of them settled who came first with Peace pointing at Wiley. Read that here.

Peace first credits his wife with walking with him for all these years. Her support was integral to his succes. Then of course he talks about the deal he struck with God.

“Whenever the Lord speaks and works out a deal with you, if anyone is going to uphold their end of the deal, It’s the Lord,” he said. “As long as the Lord will uphold His end, you just go right along…”

Sometimes in a week Peace would speak and perform at 12 schools, four juvenile detention centers, two prisons, and a youth group and at the end of the week MIGHT have made $300. Meanwhile, these places would bring in one artist for a 50 minute set for $7,000. This is also 80s/early 90s money.

“Didn’t have to pay, but please don’t abuse us,” Peace said, stating that he knew the message getting out was most important. “The Lord came through and is still coming through to this day.”

It got to a point where his agent was almost offended when people would call asking Peace’s price because the Lord kept coming through.

Watch Michael Peace Below:

Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

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