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Terraform: The Sky is the second installment in the “Terraform” series from Propaganda. While Terraform: The People focused on building culture, Terraform: The Sky reminds us that we already have everything we need, from the resources we need to the hopes and dreams that keep us looking upwards to the breath that sustains us.

The truth is yelling at us everywhere we look, all the time and this new effort from Propaganda serves as a reminder for us to slow down and listen.

Hulvey, Lecrae, & KB

Hulvey dropped the remix of his song “Can’t Tell it All” with heavy bars from KB and Lecrae. The song is originally from his Christopher album. And yet again, we see a boxing theme in the artwork. Maybe it’s an Easter Egg toward KB’s bout with Steven Malcolm. 

Lecrae, IS CHH DEAD?

In a recent video, Lecrae answered a question asking, “Is Christian Hip Hop Dead?” His immediate response was “why even answer a question like that?” He then broke down into his origins in it and the time when it was this huge “groundswell.”

He said there were times when there were tours, award shows, and more, but now that doesn’t seem to be happening as much.

Lecrae then admitted that he contributed to the ambiguity of people not knowing what CHH is. “I didn’t want to be boxed in…I was trying to stretch my arms,” he said. “It caused a lot of confusion, and I take full ownership of that.”

“Is CHH dead? I don’t think it is” he explained. Crae believes the new generation should look to the old generation and see the groundwork and the footsteps paved before them.

He then talks about the current path that it’s on and how it can and will strive in the future.

6 Underrated Canadian CHH Artists

Our resident Canadian Opto Music, served us up six artists you should be on the lookout for in Canada. The names are Phaino, Ayomilly, Gaby Callwood, Scribe Music, Anthony Sawyers, and BKE. Let us know which ones you have heard.

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