nobigdyl. is crushing it as he grinds out the indie life with his tribe and by churning out hits. Undoubtedly, he’s busy and pulled in many directions, so sometimes you just need to take care of your mental and physical in addition to your spiritual.

dyl. has publicly spoken about weight issues in the past and also burnout. The life and demands of a touring artist aren’t always the most healthy lifestyles to live. So this is how dyl. gets down…

*Note: nobigdyl. is not a physical fitness or wellness coach. What works for him, may not be best or work for you. If you are new to fitness, perhaps ask your doctor first.*

Let’s break it down.

5 Tips to Health & Wellness

  • 30 miles a week on my bike – “New study says cycling 30 miles per week cuts heart disease and cancer risk in half,” according to Cycling Weekly. For those who do not enjoy running, cycling is the way to go. It’s also a great way to sightsee and even get from point A to point B if you live in a small town.
  • 2 short workouts a day – “Research shows that short bouts of exercise throughout the day can have similar benefits to longer workouts. A 2013 study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion found that short bursts of moderate to vigorous physical activity are beneficial for weight loss and weight management. The study also indicated that higher-intensity activity may have the greatest effect on reducing the risk for obesity,” according to Very Well Fit.
  • Yoga once a day – As you can see, dyl. responded to my tweet. I have also been doing yoga for about a month. I’ve been suffering from a lot of lower body pain and tightness. I started doing yoga mixed with physical therapy to strengthen my joints, tendons, and ligaments. Yoga builds endurance strength for your body and makes it flexible enough to handle workouts, sports, and general day-to-day activities.

I’d often wake up and wouldn’t be able to walk for about 30 minutes. One month in and that’s not happening anymore. If you are worried about the spiritual or meditative side of yoga that practices in Hinduism, you can very easily shift that focus to prayer, scripture meditation, and reflection. Make it your own. Here’s more info on the benefits of yoga.

  • 30 minutes reading on top of normal reading a day – If you are taking care of your body, you need to also take care of your brain. Studies show that reading actually strengthens your brain!

“When brain scans are taken after consistent reading for only 10 days, brain connectivity increases. This was especially true in the somatosensory cortex, the part of the brain that senses movement. The brain was more active and stronger due to the way reading affects it,” according to Better You. Some benefits are even listed out on Healthline.

  • 1 journal entry a day – This might just be something that nobigdyl. uses to process his day or get his creative thoughts out. However, couldn’t we all use a little bit of that? In your journal, you can set goals, reflect on lessons learned, focus on your dreams, or even vent. Think of it like a self-therapy session. Months or years later you can even look back and see where you were in your life at that time. And of course, there are benefits according to URMC Rochester.

5 nobigdyl. Songs to Set Off Your Health Journey:

Work out music

Perfect for yoga or biking

While Journaling

nobigdyl. listed his tips, will you be following any? What other artists should we ask?