Every week we compile some of the best Christian Rap songs that are submitted to Rapzilla. Then we ask YOU, the audience to vote! Well, October is here which means the Hot or Not winners for October are here!

All artists on this list are now on the New Christian Rap Songs Daily Playlist.

Ike Rhythm – In The Moment (October 1)

Lando Jones, Coleboy Sedro – Rise Grind Repeat (October 11)

Condoseven – OTW (October 15)

B.A.S – HSM ft. Adura (October 18) [Not on Spotify]

11DaysMusic – Stand Strong (October 26)

Because of a possible glitch with the polls not ending when they were supposed to, October 26th closes out with two winners! 

Joseph SD – Dats on me

Which of these Hot or Not tracks is your favorite?