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Top 10 Christian Rap Albums Released in September and October 2021

These last two months of this year have been crazy when it comes to the quality and the quantity of music getting released. I feel like it’s been a strong year for hip-hop but here in the fall we legitimately hit our full stride. I tried to pare down my list for the past two months, but it was really difficult as my short list had 25 albums on it. So I added two honorable mentions to try and cut that list in half-ish. Enjoy!

Zaydok – Righteous Smoke

Reggie Rocc – Black FameUs

Legacy – Leap Of Faith

RMG – Highlight Tapes Vol. 1

YP aka Young Paul – After The Smoke Clears

Ruslan – Love What You Do

Andy Mineo – Never Land II

C4 Crotona & Selah The Corner – 48 Hours

Bizzle – Soul Therapy

Aaron Cole – Two Up Two Down

Honorable Mentions:
KRUM: Dart

Dru Bex: Sindy Vs Victoria

Which of these Christian Rap albums were you listening to heavy?

What do you think?

Luc DiMarzio

Written by Luc DiMarzio

Luc has been a fan of CHH for 30 years, and has been writing about it for just over 4 years. He has a huge passion for amplifying the underground of CHH.

When he's not bumpin hip-hop, you can catch him leading worship at his local church, rooting on the Chicago Cubs with his wife, or swimming with his kids.

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