These last two months of this year have been crazy when it comes to the quality and the quantity of music getting released. I feel like it’s been a strong year for hip-hop but here in the fall we legitimately hit our full stride. I tried to pare down my list for the past two months, but it was really difficult as my short list had 25 albums on it. So I added two honorable mentions to try and cut that list in half-ish. Enjoy!

Zaydok – Righteous Smoke

Reggie Rocc – Black FameUs

Legacy – Leap Of Faith

RMG – Highlight Tapes Vol. 1

YP aka Young Paul – After The Smoke Clears

Ruslan – Love What You Do

Andy Mineo – Never Land II

C4 Crotona & Selah The Corner – 48 Hours

Bizzle – Soul Therapy

Aaron Cole – Two Up Two Down

Honorable Mentions:
KRUM: Dart

Dru Bex: Sindy Vs Victoria

Which of these Christian Rap albums were you listening to heavy?